Limon Shore Excursions: Rain Forest Fun in Costa Rica

Waterfall in Limon, Costa Rica

If you're looking forward to exploring the rainforest on your Panama Canal cruise, then look no further than Limon, Costa Rica, where you'll have numerous opportunities to head deep into the jungle and see some beautiful flora and fauna. During Costa Rica excursions, Princess passengers will have the opportunity to explore the dense forests from the comforts of a tramway ride or on foot during guided walks. Sparsely populated, these lowlands sport an abundance of creatures found in few other places in the world. With a charming local culture and tropical scenery, Limon is a great stop during a Panama Canal cruise.

Most of the Panama Canal cruise will take you deep into the rainforest for fun and adventure, but there are a variety of ways in which you can explore the region during Limon shore excursions. Head to Veragua Rainforest on a walking tour for a chance to view various exhibitions detailing some of the jungle's most famous creatures. You'll also get the chance to see the 65-foot tall Puma Waterfall.

While on a shore excursion during Costa Rica cruises, passengers will have the rare opportunity to careen through the jungle while hundreds of feet in the air on an aerial tram. With multiple stops along the tour, including the chance to stand next to a stunning waterfall, the tram is an excellent way to get up close and personal with Limon's amazing wildlife. Passengers often share these unforgettable experiences with thousands of butterflies as they flutter around their cart.

Originally built to haul tons of bananas from Limon's coastal plantations, the historic Banana Route Railway is now a popular tourist attraction where Princess passengers can comb through thick forestation without breaking a sweat or dirtying their sneakers.

The restored tram makes its way through banana plantations that were once the mainstay of Limon's economy. While traversing through babbling brooks, the tram's knowledgeable guide will provide a brief overview of the banana and coffee industries throughout the region, including the history of the tramway itself. If adventure is what you seek, then don't pass up the opportunity to see the rainforest's canopy up close and personal - by ziplining straight through it. Zipline excursions have become popular all around the world, but nothing compares to speeding through the gorgeous scenery you can find on Limon shore excursions.

Alternatively, you can book a cruise down the famous Tortuguero Canals. These waterways are known as Costa Rica's Amazon because they are surrounded by the rainforest on both sides.

Before heading back to their cruise ship, passengers won't want to miss the chance to hold a sweet and docile sloth at the Sloth Sanctuary. This peculiar creature is the world's slowest mammal and is so sedentary that algae grows on its fur coat, camouflaging it from predators. For most of their lives, sloths spend their time in the trees feasting on leaves, shoots and fruits. Lucky passengers on a cruise with Princess will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feed a sloth as it slowly moves its hands toward a scrumptious morsel of food. These cute and cuddly creatures might move slowly, but they're a delight for any visitor.

Surrounded by the least explored national park in Central America, La Amistad, the rainforest is a prime spot for bird, frog and amphibian viewing. During a short walk through the jungle, adventurers can take a peek at a couple of research facilities where scientists are still discovering new plant and animal species.