Experience Mexican Culture on a Mexican Riviera Cruise

mexican riviera dancer
A woman dancing to a traditional folk song of Mexico.

Take a moment to daydream of a Mexican Riviera Cruise. Let the melodious, lively singing of a mariachi band and the spectacle of folk dancers in long, flowing skirts enliven you as you experience Mexican culture during a trip along the Mexican Riviera on your next West Coast getaway cruise.

Sound delightful? It is. Let's learn more about some of the beautiful art forms you'll experience on your next Mexican Riviera cruise.


Mariachi's roots lie deep within the history of Mexico. Before Spanish conquistadors and missionaries arrived in Mexico, the indigenous populations used music as part of important rituals, playing conch shells, flutes, and drums. With the arrival of the Spanish came the introduction of stringed instruments, reinventing mariachi music to what we know it as today. European influence also changed the shape of the music, introducing the waltz and polka into a lot of many modern tempos. Today, though the musical style continues to grow and evolve, mariachi continues to evoke the vibrant spirit of Mexico. Your Mariachi immersion starts on the ship with our onboard Mexican cultural experiences.

Folk Dance of Mexico

The roots of Mexico's modern folk dance stem from both its indigenous and European forefathers. The Aztecs integrated folk dance into rites and such ceremonies as ritual sacrifices, and various forms existed for the common people (peasants) and for the upper class and religious practitioners. As visiting missionaries encountered the Aztecs, they propagated the idea of dance as a way for these cultures to celebrate Christianity, effectively imparting new meaning on these ancient dances. Over time, the dances evolved through a dynamic cultural mix of European and Mexican dance styles, and many variations to the original folk style exist today.

Riviera del Pacifico Hotel

Built as a showcase of the rich and famous in the 1930s, the Riviera del Pacifico Hotel was once a wonder to behold. A national monument, the hotel today hosts scores of Mexico cruise travelers wishing to learn about, watch, and listen to the mariachi band and lovely dancers who perform there. It the perfect intersection of art and history during your Mexican Riviera cruise.

Your Mexico Shore Excursion to the Riviera del Pacifico Hotel

Upon arrival, try a margarita — the drink the hotel boasts was developed at the Riviera del Pacifico in 1948. Explore local artisan vendors and take home local arts and crafts. After touring around the grounds, enter into the grand ballroom for a Mexican folkloric show featuring a full mariachi band that highlights music from several regions across Mexico and folkloric dances from various regions. These are just some of the option available in Baja during a Mexican Riviera cruise. Book your cruise today to see what awaits you in Mexico.