Hawaiian Cruise 2019 Video

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Hop aboard a Princess cruise ship and you are bound to experience a Hawaii cruise 2019 like no other. Princess Cruises offers a one of a kind Aloha Spirit program that immerses you in the color, culture and spirit of Hawaii. Passengers will embark on a 2019 cruise that features four Hawaiian islands, world-class entertainment, mouthwatering cuisine and award-winning shore excursions.

Set sail on a 2019 Hawaii cruise with Princess to explore the true gem of the Pacific. Explore not just one island, but four of Hawaii's most popular islands. Feel the heat of volcanoes one day and the refreshing coolness of shady sand on the beach the next. Relive history in culturally significant places like 'Iolani Palace and Pearl Harbor. Take classes in local music, dance and culture, without even leaving the ship. We even stay late in port so that you can experience dinners, cocktails and dancing as part of Honolulu's vibrant nightlife.

Learn all about our exciting 2019 cruises to the Hawaiian Island by watching this preview video of our sensational cruise options and enriching onboard programs. See for yourself why Travel Channel rated ours the "Best Cruises to Hawaii."