Kauai Excursions for Active Travelers

Waimea Canyon in Kauai, Hawaii

As the cool autumn weather gives way to the snowy days of winter, you might be looking to escape the cold in search of warmer climates. Booking a Hawaiian cruise with Princess Cruises will allow you to get away from the mainland and visit the beautiful island of Kauai.

Often referred to as the "Garden Island," the lush tropical forests, colorful canyons and calming beaches of Kauai certainly make it an appropriate name.

Here are some of the incredible destinations that lie in store for you on Kauai excursions.

Kilauea Point Lighthouse

A simple structure on the coast of Hawaii, Kilauea Point Lighthouse is an incredible and beautiful location that affords first-class views of the island. The lighthouse itself was built in 1913 to guide the way for commercial ships departing Hawaii for ports in Asia—a critical tool to help sailors navigate the rocky northern coasts of Kauai. Perhaps one of the most historic events in the Kilauea Point Lighthouse's history came in 1927, when it helped the two lost pilots of the "Bird of Paradise" gain their bearings during the first successful flight from the West Coast of the U.S. across the Pacific.

While the lighthouse was replaced by an automated beacon in 1979 by the Coast Guard, Kilauea Point Lighthouse remains a protected site on the National Register of Historic Places and is maintained by a dedicated team of volunteers for locals and tourists to visit during Kauai excursions.

Grove Farm Homestead

Travelers looking to gain a glimpse into Hawaiian history should visit the beautiful Grove Farm Homestead. The farm was one of the first sugar plantations in all of Hawaii, opening in 1854 under the operation of German immigrant Hermann A. Widemann. The Grove Farm Homestead earned its name from the large grove of kukui trees nearby, and in 1864, George N. Wilcox and his family took over production. Sugar was one of Hawaii's chief commercial resources for nearly 150 years.

Today, Kauai excursion visitors can explore the incredibly well-preserved 100-acre sugarcane plantation and farm as part of the Grove Farm Homestead Museum. Structures like the original plantation house, guest cottage, office building, owner's cottage and workers' housing camp remain intact. You'll be able to see the original practices and lifestyles of homestead residents - caring for animals, maintaining banana patches and tending the gardens - that residents followed in the 1870s.

Waimea Canyon

Known locally as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Waimea Canyon is a stunning natural landmark that carves through the southwest region of Kauai. With incredible tropical vistas that stretch for miles and colorful rock formations spanning the gap, this is a must-see site for visitors looking to get a taste of the untamed wilds of the Hawaiian islands. That's not to mention the lush forests and diverse wildlife surrounding Waimea Canyon. There are also 45 miles of trails for those who are interested in hiking the canyon, or you can take a motorcoach up to the lookout point.

With amazing historic landmarks, exotic wildernesses and some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth,

Kauai excursions on a Hawaiian cruise can be the perfect vacation destination. Learn more about the exciting sights and sounds in store for you when you book with Princess Cruises.