Hilo Attractions Worth Exploring

Hilo Coastline, Hawaii

If you've always wanted to travel to a tropical destination, what better way to get some rays and relax on the beach than by taking a trip to Hawaii? This collection of islands is perhaps the United States' most beautiful gem, basking in the sun in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Whenever you want to leave, a Princess cruise is waiting to take you to your desired destination. Whether you've been on a Hawaii cruise before or you're planning your first Hawaiian cruise vacation, there's plenty to see and do once you're docked on the Big Island: Hilo, Hawaii. Hilo attractions offer numerous activities for families and couples alike to enjoy.

Hawaii Volcano National Park

When people think of Hilo attractions, landscapes full of palm trees and volcanoes in the distance might come to mind, and rightfully so. The Hawaii Volcano National Park is one example of a destination travelers can visit to explore perhaps the biggest natural attraction on the islands - the volcano. Here, you can camp and hike near lava flows and steaming volcanoes that once erupted and shaped the landscape.

Akaka Falls State Park

Another beautiful nature-infused location worth visiting while you're touring Hilo attractions is the Akaka Falls State Park. This park is designed to give visitors an up-close look at wild orchids, bamboo groves and a unique towering rainforest that many exotic animals call home. Throughout Akaka Falls State Park, there are many opportunities to zipline through the trees and view the woods from above. If you would prefer to see the grounds from afar, there are also helicopter tours offered throughout the area to give you an eagle-eye view of the state park.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

If you're interested in seeing flowers while you're docked in the Big Island, the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is the place to visit. This Hilo attraction, which is called "A garden in the valley on the ocean," is more than 40 acres in size. Approximately 2,000 different species of plants are located throughout the botanical garden, and several waterfalls can be found in the woods.

Because the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is technically a nonprofit organization, scientists use the grounds to study the many unique plants on the grounds. There are several species of geckos and birds that call the garden home, as well as the mongoose and rare Hawaiian seals.