Explore Secluded Capri, Italy, Via Boat & Foot Tours

Capri, Italy

Hidden just off the coast of Italy, the small and secluded isle of Capri is one of Europe's best kept secrets. Those who book a Mediterranean cruise will have an opportunity to visit this getaway on a Capri tour when they disembark in Italy. 

It's possible to plan excursions that package Capri tours with other destinations, such as Pompeii and Sorrento, but those who want to explore the isle at their leisure may want to book a trip that will solely focus on the island. Capri boat tours start off with a jet boat ride, which hit some of the key sites surrounding the island.

Perhaps the most famous aspect of Capri is the Blue Grotto, a small cavern on the side of the island. When sunlight catches the water just right, the entire grotto is illuminated in a truly spectacular blue light. From the water, travelers will also get a chance to view the peak of Monte Solaro.

To truly experience Capri, however, travelers will have to explore on foot. Cable cars connect the upper and lower halves of the island. Guests will have a chance to enjoy regional Italian fare at a number of restaurants around the area. While the lower levels approximate a fishing village, the upper echelons feature designer shops and eateries, remnants of the wealthy elite who have called the island home in the past.