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Culinary Shore Excursions with Bon Appétit

Indulge in culinary experiences inspired by your surroundings.

For four years, Princess Cruises and Bon Appétit have been exploring the great wide ocean together, making memories–and memorable meals–along the way. What began as a journey to discover the 7 Cruise Wonders evolved into an even greater exploration of culinary destinations when Bon Appétit Executive Chef Mary Nolan joined Princess on the high seas, as well as shore excursions. Together, we’re crossing the globe in search of the best cuisine, one exclusive food adventure at a time.

Deepen your understanding of the destinations that you sail by taking your senses on a journey of their own. From shore excursions that immerse you in local ingredients and cooking styles, to demonstrations and tastings, an adventure in flavor awaits.

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Exclusive Tours available only through Princess and Bon Appétit. These curated excursions offer unparalleled opportunities to truly engage with local life in a small-group setting.

Recommended Tours bring the character of the places you sail to your plate. Embark on a celebration of gastronomy endorsed by the experts at Bon Appétit.


Market in Tokyo, Japan. Inset photo sushi chef. View cruisetours to Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan

Temples & Traditions

Shop the world’s most extensive variety of seafood at Tokyo’s sprawling Tsukiji Fish Market. Savor rare delicacies from vendors who put fresh fish, bivalves and crustaceans on display. Take your palate on a journey with our five favorite fish for sushi lovers. Learn how to make your favorite delicacy from a sushi master when you take a cruisetour of Japan.

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Lush mountains in Juneau, Alaska. Inset of recommended soup dish. View Juneau Excursions.

Juneau, Alaska

Juneau Foodie Walking Tour

Relish an Alaska-caught salmon as you tour a land rich with nature’s best sights. Gain an understanding of Juneau’s culinary personality with a curated walking tour of its standout restaurants.  

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California & Pacific Coastals

Aerial view of beach with large rock. Inset grilled salmon filet. View recommended Astoria excursion.

Astoria, Oregon

Pacific Northwest Pairings

Savor a pairing the Pacific Northwest has made famous at the locally-loved restaurant, Baked Alaska. Famed for his dishes and storytelling, Chef Chris Holen will gather you in an open kitchen where you’ll learn how to bring creativity to seafood dishes. Sip local wines as you journey into Astoria’s past and present.

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Europe - Mediterranean

Old building in Spain. Inset paella in a traditional pan. View recommended tour to Valencia, Spain.

Valencia, Spain

The Perfect Paella

Soak in Valencia’s iconic sights like historic landmarks, green spaces and cathedrals, then savor one of its most iconic dishes: paella. With a local chef as your guide, study the preparation that brings this saffron-seasoned rice dish to plate.

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Green cliff overlooking ocean. Inset dried pasta. View recommended tour to Sorrento, Italy.

Sorrento, Italy

Essence of Italy

Amble through the flower-filled streets that sit high above the Amalfi Coast in breathtaking Sorrento. After you’ve connected to local life with tastings and shopping, head to Gragnano for the chance to taste three types of Italian pasta right from the factory with wine pairings to match.

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Europe - Northern

Colorful homes. Inset of open faced sandwich. Recommended tour. View Copenhagen excursions.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Classic Copenhagen

Wind your way through Copenhagen’s reveled sights and flavors in a scenic afternoon adventure. Fuel your appetite at Ferry Café with Smørrebrød, a classic, open-faced sandwich, then sightsee historic Danish palaces and castles. Step aboard a modern canal boat for the chance to experience 500-year-old step-gabled homes from a new perspective. End the day with new thrills when you visit Tivoli Gardens, a famous theme park bursting with color.

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Houses along a waterway. Inset woman sniffing a glass of wine. View Exclusive tour to Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand, Norway

Taste of the North

Classic Norwegian flavors are made modern by the head chef at Hotel Norge. Savor Norway’s history with moose steak, traditional cookies and regional wine. Then, nourish the moment over a shared lunch with fellow travelers on a tour that also takes you to local stops of note.

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Green pasture with cows. Inset young girl learning to make bread. View Exclusive tour to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Baking at Ballyknocken

Journey to Ireland’s charming countryside for a cozy afternoon of scone making. Learn to prepare these delicate golden treats from Catherine Fulivio*, the acclaimed chef and proprietor of Ballyknocken Cookery School, House and Restaurant. Enjoy your creations amid the charm of a Victorian farmhouse and end the day strolling its sprawling gardens. *subject to availability

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Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia. Inset tortelloni with parsley. View Recommended tour to St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Roots of Russia

Indulge in a lesson in Russia’s past by making the classic staple of meat pies called “pelmini” at a local restaurant. Pair your creation with 80-proof vodka, a storied spirit that has evolved over 500 years of history.

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Stone stairs overlooking ocean. Inset taquitos with rice, chips and salsa. View Exclusive tour to Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada, Mexico

Made in Mexico – Ensenada Eats

Venture on an epicurean tour through Ensenada’s bold, defining flavors. Bite into street tacos laden with vibrant vegetables, bask in harbor views as you savor local seafood and taste the Mediterranean’s influence on Mexican fare. Indulge at five different stops with sips to match your meal.

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Hillside view of a beach in Mexico. Inset bowl of salsa. View Recommended tour to Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico

Salsa & Salsa (Dance & Dine)

Heat up a half-day with lessons in two types of salsa. Create your own authentic, colorful salsas and margaritas. Then, get swept up in the beats of this hallmark Latin dance that has been popular since the 1930s.

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South America

The Casa Rosada. Inset of golden empanadas with two glasses of wine. View Recommended tour to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

From Mate to Malbec

Visit Argentina’s stunning urban hub of Buenos Aires to learn the timeless tradition of empanada making. Once you’re comfortable in the kitchen, taste classic dishes like grilled provoleta cheese, sliced chorizo and steak accompanied by a glass of local Malbec wine. Prepare your own mate and dessert to finish out the meal on a sweet note.

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