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7 Cruise Wonders, 7 Dishes from Around the World

Inspiration and discovery with made from scratch culinary creations from Bon App├ętit

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When Princess Cruises® and Condé Nast Traveler first partnered to identify the 7 Cruise Wonders of the world, the focus was on stunning views best enjoyed by sea. That was only the beginning.

Now we're diving into the local culture through its distinctive cuisine. Sail these remarkable destinations with Princess, and you'll not only dine on regional dishes made from scratch. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the people who call these one-of-a-kind places home.

Embark on a culinary journey; your souvenirs are recipes you can make at home for family and friends.

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Experience the Wonders of the World in a New Way

#1 Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Featured dish: Carpetbag Steak

New Zealanders take pride in their reputation for world-class beef and year-round access to fresh seafood. This harmonious union of land and sea, on display in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, inspires this Carpetbag Steak dish of filet mignon stuffed with oysters.

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#2 Panama Canal

Featured dish: Panamanian Sancocho Chicken Soup

The Panama Canal connects more than two oceans; this vibrant area blends varied cultures too. Sample the tastes of the region in this Panamanian Sancocho Chicken Soup, made of Central American staples like yucca root and green plantains.

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#3 Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan

Featured dish: Pan-seared scallops in a ginger-orange sauce

Japan is as well known for its cuisine as this cruise wonder is for rocky cliffs and forests inhabited by bears, deer and foxes. Get a taste of the country with Hotate Gai No Kimi Yaki, pan-seared scallops in a ginger-orange sauce.

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#4 Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Featured dish: Hazelnut-Crusted Salmon with Maple Glaze

Salmon is king here, sought after by everyone from Alaskans to humpback whales and brown bears. Bite into a perfectly prepared Hazelnut-Crusted Salmon with Maple Glaze as you listen for blue-gray glaciers calving in the distance.

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#5 South America

Featured dish: Moqueca de Peixe, a traditional fish stew

Everything is bigger and bolder in South America, whether it's an iconic natural wonder, or a city. So too are the flavors. Moqueca de Peixe, a traditional fish stew, combines native Brazilian and Portuguese cuisines for a meal as unforgettable as the location that created it.

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#6 Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Featured dish: Jerk Chicken Brochette

Trunk Bay may be the gold standard for tranquil waters and idyllic shores, but its vibe is anything but boring. Candy-colored buildings, lively streets and, most of all, the food excites, especially this tangy, sweet and spicy Jerk Chicken Brochette.

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#7 Santorini, Greece

Featured dish: Trilogy of Lamb, Veal & Chicken Kebabs

Some believe the volcanic eruption in 1600 B.C. created not only the island’s caldera but also the myth of Atlantis. Regardless, it’s the wine born of the rich, volcanic soil whose legend continues to grow. Pair a local vintage with these savory Trilogy Lamb, Veal and Chicken Kebabs.

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