Top Five Caribbean Cruise Destinations

The best Caribbean cruise destinations are better experienced together

The best Caribbean cruise destinations span from the ancient ruins of the Western Caribbean to the tropical shores of the Eastern Caribbean. Between cultural exploration and total relaxation, the Caribbean is teeming with opportunities for history-lovers, adventure-seekers and laid-back travelers alike. Let our five best Caribbean destinations inspire your next cruise vacation.

Best Caribbean Destinations in the Eastern Region: St. Maarten

The Eastern Caribbean is the epitome of paradise. Crystalline waters and white-sand shores gleam against bright blue skies and promising sunshine. St. Maarten embodies the laid-back atmosphere and feel-good rhythm that so many hope to experience. Spend the day relaxing on Happy Bay — a coconut tree-lined beach known to be one of the best Caribbean destinations around. Or, board a catamaran and take off on a scenic coastal cruise. Revel in unobstructed views of the colorful shoreline, then explore below the surface and watch as schools of rainbow fish whirl past you. 

Best Caribbean Destinations in the Western Region: Cozumel

Get a taste of tradition and culture when you travel to the best Caribbean cruise destinations in the West. While in Cozumel, explore Tulum’s ancient Mayan ruins in the morning, or attend a Mexican cultural show in the afternoon. Or learn about the region’s rich history through chocolate, using unique ingredients like chili and honey to bring the flavors to life. Get an even stronger taste for history in Roatan, Honduras, where the Garifuna tribe has laid claim to the land for over 200 years. Meet local tribe members, partake in a traditional dance and let the tempo of the music wash over you. With cultural sites on every corner, the Western Caribbean is your ticket to discovery.

Best Caribbean Destinations in the Southern Region: St. Lucia

Teeming with sea gardens, coral reefs and vibrant marine life, the Southern Caribbean is home to a world of underwater adventures. On your cruise vacation, visit St. Lucia, a destination with waters that are home to as many treasures as its sugar-bearing soil. Jump into the sea surrounding Pigeon Island, where sponge-like coral and fish await you. Float past groups of parrotfish, flounder, arrow crabs and octopus, which can grow several feet in length. Then dry off on land as you wander through the countryside brimming with banana plantations and tropical landscapes. Between the aquatic gardens and thriving cultures, St. Lucia is one of the best Caribbean cruise destinations in the South — especially for those interested in explorations both on and off shore.

Best Caribbean Destinations for Families: St. Maarten and Falmouth

Whether taking advantage of summer break or avoiding the winter snow, families can visit the top Caribbean cruise destinations all year long. Sail to St. Maarten and keep the kids entertained with outdoor adventures like kayaking, sailing and snorkeling. Or put your teamwork to the test as you go for gold together in a 12-meter America’s Cup yacht race. Known to be one of the safest Caribbean islands, you’ll feel welcomed to this friendly oasis the second you step off the ship. For families traveling with teens, head to Falmouth to spice things up. Taste local dishes like jerk chicken from Scotchie’s Jamaican Jerk and savory pasta from Evita’s Italian Restaurant. This “foodie” tour will do more than just satisfy your hunger — it will also fill you up with an appreciation for Jamaican heritage. From the thrilling East to the cultural West, our expert-crafted itineraries include the best Caribbean cruise routes for every family.

The Best Month to Go on a Caribbean Cruise

Seasons don’t exist on these tropical islands. Even the light rain that falls sporadically in certain months offers visitors a refreshing complement to days with abundant sunshine. This means that the best time to visit the Caribbean is during the month that is most convenient for you. Leave the fall breeze behind and revel in the sunshine. Bypass the winter storms while lying on sandy beaches. Embark on the ultimate spring break with a 7-day Caribbean cruise, or treat yourself to a summer trip worth writing home about. When you sail with Princess®, your quintessential vacation is at your fingertips every month of the year.