Top Things to Do in Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman

With a wealth of things to do in Grand Cayman, it’s no wonder that so many travelers dream of visiting these romantic islands. From exploring underwater worlds brimming with colorful marine life and alluring ruins to sipping the rich flavor and smooth texture of hand-crafted rum, discover the top things to do in Grand Cayman with Princess.

Top Shore Excursions in Grand Cayman

  1. Explore the Underwater World

Step into the Atlantis TS-XI — a 65-foot submarine — and plunge into the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. As you sink below the surface, watch the sea come to life. From mesmerizing neons and fuchsias to enchanting oranges and violets, witness the submarine’s interior illuminate as vibrant fish soar by the portholes, reflecting their unique hues on the walls. During your journey, glide past sponge-like coral reefs and regal sea turtles as they gracefully fly along the sea floor. While we can’t promise what you’ll see, we can promise that your time on board will be colorful in every sense of the word.

  1.  Visit Stingray City

Travel over the sparkling turquoise waters to the iconic Stingray City where hundreds of majestic stingrays dance in synchrony with the waves. When you step into the shallow waters, extend your arms and allow the gentle sea creatures to blanket your skin for the perfect photo opportunity. Or, collect fresh squid from your tour guide and feel the caress of a stingray as it nibbles the food from the palm of your hands.

  1. Sip Authentic Caribbean Rum

Savor in the smooth taste of the Caribbean’s most beloved dessert — ocean-aged rum. From distilling to packaging, uncover the secrets of rum-making as you meander through Cayman Spirits Company famous distillery. Peer through the small, round window on the copper distilling tank and watch as delicate sugar crystals slowly transform into a full-bodied, flavorful rum. Then, taste the unique blend of sweet caramel and bitter oak as you sip on the amber-colored Seven Fathoms Rum. Or, sample their Gun Bay Vodka and Governor’s Reserve rum, all followed by a palate-cleansing cake confection.

Top Family-Friendly Activities in Grand Cayman

  1. Float Through the Water with Sea Turtles

Swim alongside majestic dolphins as they gracefully glide through the translucent waters at the Dolphin Discovery. From a sweet kiss on the cheek to an exalting ride on their smooth backs, there are endless photo opportunities for kids and parents alike. Just across the palm tree-lined road lies Cayman Turtle Center — the preserved home to over 7,000 sea turtles. Hug these lovable sea creatures or step inside the ocean-like pool to float beside them. Kids can even learn about the unique conservation efforts of these precious animals with the guidance of a trained specialist.

  1. Snorkel Amidst Sunken Treasures

With rubber flippers strapped to your feet, jump into the inviting waters of the Caribbean on an unforgettable snorkel expedition. Peppered in mossy hues, the USS Kittiwake — a famous United States Navy rescue ship — sits on the soft seafloor awaiting exploration. Discover the vessels’ robust structure boasting prominent smokestacks, tarnished chains and intricate engine rooms that act as a marine life playground. Or, swim through the natural intricacies of Cheeseburger Reef. As the sun shines through the water’s surface, it illuminates the sponge-lined coral and the vibrant schools of fish that playfully surround it.

  1. Soak Up the Sun on Seven Mile Beach

Cruise across the white sand shores of Seven Mile Beach on a guided Segway tour. With wheels beneath your feet, pass regal catamarans, grand hotels and leafy palm trees while feeling a subtle breeze caress your face. After your tour, disembark from your vehicle and feel the warmth of the sand beneath your feet. Roam into the gradient waters and float into relaxation as you spend the rest of your day beachside with your loved ones. 

Top Sights in Grand Cayman

  1. George Town

Nestled amidst the red-roofed village lies a world of shopping and dining opportunities. Small boutiques line the bustling streets, inviting visitors to hand-pick their own souvenirs. From tropical ornaments for the children to hand-painted beach bags for the adults, there’s a diverse selection of treasures to choose from. When hunger strikes, take a seat on one of the open-air balconies and taste fresh, flakey fish along with tender greens and a creamy slice of macaroni pie. After a day in George Town, you’re bound to leave full of delightful food and cherished keepsakes.

  1. Hell

Encompassed by rich greenery, this forest of black limestone formations is a sight to be seen. From the viewing deck, dark green iguanas can be seen perched atop of the jagged structures known as Hell. Just a few steps away lies a fiery red building — Hell’s Post Office — where visitors are encouraged to send playful postcards to loved ones at home and recount their seemingly tall tales.

  1. Wreck of the Ten Sails

Where the land meets the sea lies four stone-lined steps and a small pebbled platform holding the ancient memorial of ten vessels that became shipwrecked in a nearby reef. Set against the backdrop of light blue skies and deep blue waters, this iconic memorial — known as the Wreck of the Ten Sails — welcomes locals and visitors alike. Discover the rich history of this unassuming spot and stay to watch the mesmerizing waves crash against the unwavering rocks below.

With a world of things to do in Grand Cayman, make sure you sip, swim and sail your way through every tropical opportunity with Princess.