St. John Snorkeling at Trunk Bay

See many species of fish while snorkeling on St. John.

Looking for something new to see on a Caribbean cruise? Consider a voyage that includes the opportunity to visit St. John. This US Virgin Island is filled with beautiful beaches — but none are quite like Trunk Bay. One of the highlights is the St. John snorkeling trail.

The Beach

The minute you pull up to Trunk Bay, you'll have no doubt why it's considered one of the world's most beautiful beaches. The calm Caribbean Sea is stunning on its own, but the backdrop of small islands and mountainous land makes the view even more memorable. Along the beach you'll see the tropical greenery St. John is known for, such as coconut palm trees and sea grapes. A lifeguard is on duty at Trunk Bay and snorkel gear is available to rent. There is a bathhouse for changing, as well as a snack bar and souvenir shop.

If the landscape itself isn't scenic enough, Trunk Bay has a big secret: Hidden beneath that crystal-clear water is an underwater snorkeling trail.

The Experience

You can access the snorkeling trail directly from the beach at Trunk Bay. It stretches for 225 yards. Once there, you'll be able to see a prismatic selection of coral and lavender sea fans along the reef. Markers lead you along the trail and describe everything you'll see, including silversides and a variety of other fish that call Trunk Bay home. Since the water is calm and the trail is not too deep, it's an appropriate activity for all skill levels, even beginner snorkelers.

The Location

If you want to visit Trunk Bay, take a cruise that includes a stop in St. Thomas. From there you can take a short, narrated ferry ride to St. John, the smallest of the Virgin Islands — and an open-air bus to Trunk Bay, where you'll have plenty of time to snorkel the underwater trail.