Best Beaches in Aruba for Snorkeling

Aruba is a snorker's paradise.

Aruba, one of the ABC islands in line with Bonaire and Curaçao, is known for its spectacular beaches. From sunbathing to reading in the shade, swimming hot spots to seclusion, and relaxation to a host of water sports, each of the breathtaking Aruban beaches is unique and caters to its own niche.

Among the most sought-after activities while on a Caribbean cruise calling in Aruba, however, is snorkeling — and with offerings of explorations off the sand to explorations in the sea, Aruba is a snorkeler's paradise. Whether you're an experienced snorkler or a first timer, deciding where to go first can be a challenge. To get you started, here are some of the beast beaches in Aruba for snorkeling.

Boca Catalina

The clear, shallow water at Boca Catalina makes it a dream come true for snorkelers and those just looking for peaceful, quiet swims. From angel fish to barracudas, you're guaranteed to encounter a host of beautiful, fascinating creatures. There are some stones and pebbles in the sand, but it's one of the best Aruba shore excursions if you're hoping to catch a glimpse of busy sea life.

De Palm Island

With its gentle surf, multitude of ideal snorkeling spots, and assortment of restaurants and spas, De Palm Island is a favorite among Caribbean cruise travelers and among the best beaches in Aruba. Head here for both peace and activity, take in the view from below the sea, and then bask in life on land. De Palm Island also boasts a kid-friendly water park, making it a great destination for families.

Arashi Beach

A small, secluded beach that's dotted with huts for those seeking a moment of shade, this is one of the absolute best beaches in Aruba for snorkeling. At Arashi Beach, the water is very calm and the white, powdery sand inviting. A picturesque oasis, you'll want to take time to explore the majesty and beauty surrounding Arashi — both above and below sea level.

Bachelor's Beach

Also known as Boca Tabla, this beach is best known for its windsurfing — the result of active trade winds that breeze through the beach. The reef that sits close to Bachelor's Beach's shore also makes it a great place to snorkel. A quiet beach that's located a few miles off the beaten path, this is a good place for those seeking activity and a bit of space to themselves.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is the quintessential Aruban beach, a Caribbean Shangri-La. Here you'll find a large, shallow lagoon that was almost handcrafted for snorkeling alone — and in the water dwell rainbows of sea life that will amaze and inspire in radiant displays. This beach also features palapas and restroom facilities, making it a great choice for those looking to relax and rejuvenate on a cruise to the Caribbean.