Best Caribbean Cruises

Martinique Island

Prepare to be awed as you sail into the best Caribbean cruise destinations with Princess, where relaxation and adventure are the only things on your to-do list. With any of our itineraries, experience the island lifestyle that keeps so many guests coming back for more. Here are the best Caribbean cruise destinations to consider for your next adventure.

Best Eastern Caribbean Cruise

The Eastern Caribbean is the definition of bliss. On an Eastern Caribbean cruise, sail to St. Thomas where an underwater oasis awaits. Whirl across the seafloor on a motorized scooter, equipped with a helmet to help you breathe below the surface. Or, head upwards on an eight-minute cable car ride to Paradise Point, a 700-foot-high observation deck where unparalleled views surround you. In St. Maarten, sip local cocktails and snack on fresh food while sitting beachside under colorful umbrellas. For adventure-seekers, fly high above the trees on a zipline that offers aerial views. Best of all, this itinerary includes a stop at Princess Cays®, our private resort in the Bahamas. There, relax in your own bungalow and cool off in the refreshing waters. Or, hop into a kayak and explore the turquoise ocean.

Best Western Caribbean Cruise

Relive Caribbean history when you embark on a Western Caribbean cruise. In the Grand Cayman, savor one of the Caribbean's oldest treasures — homegrown rum. Taste hints of oak and spice in a blend that was aged deep beneath the ocean's surface. Or, spend your day strolling through acres of Tulum’s Mayan ruins, a short distance from Cozumel. From watchtowers and pyramids to temples and palaces, discover the secrets of this ancient architecture and feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Then, venture to Roatan where the Garifuna tribe invites you to learn the unique music and dance of their long-standing heritage. You can even pick up a few greetings in their native language, Arawakan. Before heading home, make one final stop in Falmouth where you can experience true Rastafarian culture. Join a drum circle, learn to design jewelry and savor “ital,” a cultural dish made of fresh vegetables and flavorful spices. At any of the ports of call, encounter the unique Western Caribbean history and exhilarating activities that fulfill every guest’s sense of wonder.

Best Southern Caribbean Cruise

Cultural exploration is always on the horizon when you embark on a Southern Caribbean cruise. Upon arriving in Bonaire, listen for the traditional island greeting — “bon bini” — welcoming you to this unique port of call. Peruse Mangazina di Rei Cultural Park where you can see, feel and taste Bonaire’s ethnic flair. Or, dive into the waters of Bonaire National Marine Park – the oldest marine reserve in the world celebrated for its one-of-a-kind snorkeling experience. In this underwater paradise, swim among rainbow-colored fish, sea turtles and bright coral reefs that make the Southern Caribbean so unique. While in Curacao, locals invite you to uncover the healing properties of the centuries-old aloe vera plant. You can also roam the grounds of a 350-year old plantation in Barbados and step inside for a look at timely treasures. Or, explore Fort Zoutman in Aruba and end your day sampling “pastechi,” the country’s traditional fried dough delicacy.

Best All Around Caribbean Cruise

But, your expedition doesn’t have to end there — especially on a Caribbean Explorer cruise. These 20-day voyages bring you all around the Caribbean for the ultimate tropical experience. In Barbados, explore a long-standing sugar plantation, where architecture, interiors and furnishings remain intact from the mid-17th century. Immerse yourself in Antigua’s traditions at the Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre and take a trip back in time to discover this island’s true roots. Make a stop in St. Kitts where you can gaze at breathtaking volcanoes and rainforests. Visit military fortresses and grand estates that whisper secrets of the island’s past. Or, experience St. Lucia from the comfort of your beach chair, surrounded by mountains and turquoise waters.

Best Summer Caribbean Cruise

Experience a true taste of summer on any of our Caribbean cruises. When you sail into the Western Caribbean, kids can snorkel along Belize's barrier reef, spotting vibrant fish and coral along the way. At the Mayan ruins, teens can enjoy a hands-on history lesson while exploring the pyramids, temples and palaces. In the Eastern Caribbean, adults can kick-back and relax while touring Casa Bacardi, the world's largest rum distillery situated in the heart of San Juan. Enjoy complimentary cocktail tastings and learn about how this famous liquor is crafted. Or, embark on adventures with the whole family as you travel into a rainforest on a 4x4 Jeep Wrangler in Martinique. Whether you want to kick things up a notch or slow things down, summer in the Caribbean has adventures for everyone.

No matter when or where you choose to sail, experience the best Caribbean cruise destinations with Princess.