Caribbean Cruise Weather by Month

View of St. Kitts Bay, the scene of typical Caribbean cruise weather — beautiful

Prepare to be awed as you sail into the best Caribbean cruise destinations with Princess, where relaxation and adventure are the only things on your to-do list. With any of our itineraries, experience the island lifestyle that keeps so many guests coming back for more. Here are the best Caribbean cruise destinations to consider for your next adventure.

With abundant sunshine and clear blue skies, Caribbean cruise weather is known for being consistent year-round. Here’s everything to know about typical weather forecasts on a Caribbean cruise.

Caribbean Cruise Weather in January and February

Even in the middle of winter, Caribbean cruise weather feels like a tropical oasis. As the start of the dry season, January yields the least amount of rain all year. While climates will vary depending on which region you’re sailing, expect temperatures to range from the upper 80s during the day to the mid-60s in the evening. If you’re cruising to ports like Aruba or Bonaire in the Southern Caribbean, you’ll likely experience the warmest conditions, as they’re the closest to the equator. Take advantage of the unique winter climates by jet skiing along one of Aruba’s pristine beaches or strolling through the lush botanical gardens in Martinique. 

Caribbean Cruise Weather in March and April

The Caribbean springs to life in March and April as festival season begins. With slightly warmer temperatures and little-to-no-clouds in sight, there are even more reasons to celebrate. Visit Grand Cayman in April and experience Cayfest, the island’s annual celebration of art, music and cultural diversity. During the dry season, let the radiant sun feed your imagination without worry of anyone — or anything — raining on your parade. With waters around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, take a dip in the Caribbean Sea while visiting Bamboo Beach Club. Even Eastern Caribbean islands — like Princess Cays® in the Bahamas — anticipate ideal Caribbean cruise weather. 

Caribbean Cruise Weather in May and June

Summer weather forecasts on a Caribbean cruise bring a variety of flavors to each region. While the Southern Caribbean maintains its sunny disposition, other destinations welcome refreshing ocean breezes. Occasional light showers are the perfect excuse to head inside and tour the Graycliff Chocolatier, where you can create your own decadent masterpiece with local ingredients like mango and lime. Or sip on an aromatic flight of wines at Bahama Barrels while hearing stories from locals. Then, cruise into clearer conditions and partake in one of the many music festivals that dot the rural roads like the Pure Grenada Music Festival in May or the St. Kitts Music Festival in June. Whether swimming in the crystalline ocean or singing in the refreshing rain, come prepared with a light rain jacket, loose clothing and a heart full of wonder.

Caribbean Cruise Weather in July and August

For the quintessential summer vacation, cruise to the Caribbean in July and make the most of your days and nights. With More Ashore late night departures and overnight stays, revel in the warm evening climates that invite you to set sail on an Aruba sunset cruise or frolic along the Mambo Beach Boulevard in Curacao. During the daytime, bask in typical Caribbean cruise weather ranging from the mid-70s to upper 80s. Spend time floating in the warmest ocean temperatures of the year, or sunbathe on the golden beaches of the Western Caribbean during their driest month. If you’re cruising to the Eastern region, soak up the summer sun on any of the dazzling beaches, or head indoors for a taste of true Caribbean culture. In St. Kitts, delight in a relaxing swim at Pinney’s Beach followed by a festive island lunch. Or join a game of volleyball when you arrive at Honeymoon Beach in St. Thomas, and then cool off in the refreshing waters.

As July comes to a close, the calming sound of August rain brings an air of utter relaxation to the islands. During this month, locals head indoors to prepare for the busy season ahead. The weather in the Caribbean in August also means that many excursions are put on pause. As so, Princess does not sail to these regions during late summer and early fall. Instead, we invite guests to visit these breathtaking islands when the sand is dry and the waters are calm.

Caribbean Cruise Weather in October and November

While the rainy season lasts from the beginning of October through November, these are some of the best months to cruise to the Caribbean. Sip and savor your way through the Barbados Food and Rum Festival in October where local chefs prepare culinary treasures that give you a taste of island life. In the Grand Cayman, don your tricorn hat and line the streets to watch pirates invade George Town during Pirates Week Festival. Enjoy rhythmic music, family-friendly competitions and local cuisine alongside locals and visitors. Besides the occasional rainfall, Caribbean cruise weather in November will be similar to that in early summer with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 

Caribbean Cruise Weather in December

The holidays offer even more reasons to celebrate in the Caribbean this December. Trade the snow-filled driveways and icy roads for warm white-sand shores and refreshing ocean waters on a holiday cruise. You can still enjoy a white Christmas on board with life-like snow in the Atrium. Or enjoy hot chocolate and gingerbread-house building throughout your time on board. Then, make your way ashore where balmy Caribbean cruise weather encourages you to float down the tree-lined rivers of Falmouth, Jamaica, on a bamboo raft. Or dive beneath the water to explore rainbow-colored reefs and marine life on a snorkeling expedition in Martinique. With adventures teeming both above and below the surface, pack your bags for a winter to remember.

From January to July, these tropical islands experience an array of weather forecasts. On a Caribbean cruise with Princess, embark on an ideal adventure amidst refreshing rain or sunny skies.