The Foodie's Guide to a Canada & New England Cruise

Princess Cruises' Canada & New England Cruises includes stops in foodie capitals like Boston and Quebec City.

Finding the perfect local specialty food can be a challenge when you're visiting new places. Let this foodie guide, featuring famous dishes from Québec City to New York City, along with tasty New England cuisine, whet your appetite and prepare you for your next Canada and New England cruise.

Québec City, Québec

You can't leave Québec City without trying two of its most famous dishes: poutine and tourtière. Poutine is a dish comprised of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. This side is a perfect companion for tourtière: a traditional Québécois meat pie that can be made of minced pork, beef, or wild game. Find a stunning rabbit tourtière at Le Lapin Sauté and a delicious poutine at Café St-Malo. Cheese enthusiasts should take time to discover Québec's world-class cheese scene.

Halifax, Canada

The options for fine dining in Halifax range from high French cuisines to good old-fashioned fish-and-chips stands (which come highly recommended). If you get a chance to explore Halifax, order the fish and chips at Fredie's Fantastic Fish House — or head to another local favorite, 2 Doors Down, which serves such Canadian comfort food as the classic chicken dinner poutine.

Portland, Maine

A small portside city, Portland is known for its farm-fresh and sea harvest delights, many of which are featured at local restaurants. On your next New England cruise, don't leave the city without stopping by the Fore Street Restaurant for a true taste of Maine (with local favorites like their wood oven roasted Maine mussels) or sampling the oysters at J's Oyster.

Boston, Massachusetts

New England clam chowder and lobster rolls are ubiquitous in New England fare. Few cities do either as well as Boston. If you're looking for something fast, try Boston Chowda Co., located inside Faneuil Hall. (If you've got a little more time, go to the nearby eatery Ned Devine's for an award-winning bowlful.) And who could forget those sweet-and-savory Boston baked beans? Surprisingly, good Boston baked beans can be hard to find, but a few restaurants, such as Durgin-Park and the Union Oyster House, offer side orders that are hard to pass up.

New York City, New York

As "cheesy" as it sounds, there is no city that does pizza and cheesecake quite like New York City. Throw a dime and you'll hit a pizza place. Every New Yorker has their favorite locale, but Lombardi's is the arguable pizza king of Manhattan, noted for its claim of being America's first pizzeria. Follow up your dinner with a light, tart cheesecake from the widely adored Eileen's Special Cheesecake.

Experience delicious flavor all the way from Québec to Boston and beyond! Reserve your spot on a Canada and New England cruise today