Hobart Shore Excursions for Tasmania Cruisers

A koala bear hanging on a tree in Hobart Tasmania

As Australia's second oldest city, Hobart is home to a number of fascinating historical sites that can give visitors a glimpse of the area's rich colonial past. Among the historic buildings are numerous restaurants and quaint cafes that lend an almost European feel to this harbor-side city. Part of Hobart's charm is its laid-back atmosphere, people here do not seem to rush, but rather take their time moving from one place to another. It is this aura of relaxation, and a range of brisk activities, that makes this such a fantastic vacation destination. Read on for our recommended Hobart shore excursions that will enhance and inspire your itinerary.

Upon arrival to Hobart, travelers will note that many of the city's inhabitants wear clothing suited to outdoor activities. This is due to the effect that the natural world has upon the people here. It is a part of the culture and may be as important to them as oxygen.

One natural area of Tasmania that must not be missed is the Bonorong Wildlife Park. A sanctuary and park, this place offers its guests the chance to interact with a variety of Tasmanian animals. Those who come here for a visit will be able to interact with a number of free roaming marsupials including kangaroos and wallabies.

For a glimpse of this island destination's native plants and shrubbery, vacationers can visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. This is a splendid area of conservation that is home to some vegetation that has become increasingly rare in recent years. A subarctic plant house is a featured attraction at this location, which also offers a number of tours that can provide a good look into the importance of the garden's collections.

The Huon Valley Apple and Heritage Museum is available for those who wish to gather some historical information about Hobart and its inception. Described by many as a time capsule of Tasmania's past, this building contains exhibits and antiques from the early and mid-1800s, and is sure to give interested viewers a great look at how the region functioned during the colonial times.

One of the greatest parts of taking a cruise to Hobart is that all of these unique adventures are right on the outskirts of the city. When done with a tour of Tasmania's countryside attractions, visitors can feel free to take a stroll down Salamanca Place, where many galleries, art studios and restaurants now populate this district once used for whaling. Those who come to Hobart will see an unforgettable place in one of the most remote regions on Earth.  

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