Hong Kong skyline

Asia Departure Ports

Enjoy cruises out of these fascinating coastal cities

Asia is one of the world’s most compelling destinations, and there’s no better escort than Princess®. Earning top honors from Porthole Magazine for the “Best Asia Itineraries,” each port boasts a wide variety of exciting adventures, unforgettable experiences, intriguing histories and charming cultures. Explore all of Asia’s best destinations from one of these unique departure ports.

Singapore‘s dazzling skyline

Cruise from Singapore

Relish the convenience of sailing roundtrip from one of the world’s great cities, where the primary language is English. Singapore’s mixed culture is a mesmerizing mix of Buddhist temples, British-inspired Victorian buildings, Arab souks and ultra-modern skyscrapers, and is easily accessible via Changi Airport, a well-connected airhub.

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Photo: Singapore’s dazzling skyline
Changi airport, Singapore logo
With over 100 airlines serving more than 300 cities worldwide, Singapore is easily accessible via Changi Airport, a well-connected airhub.
Women dressed in traditional Japanese garments

Cruise from Tokyo (Yokohama)

There’s probably no other city on earth that embraces the future while honoring its beloved past the way Tokyo does. From its captivating architecture to its meticulously maintained gardens, shrines and temples, Tokyo never fails to delight and inspire. Here, you can learn the miraculous legend surrounding Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest temple; savor the perfect cup of tea during a traditional tea ceremony; or peer into steaming sulfur springs inside Japan’s famed Hakone National Park, home of Mount Fuji.

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Photo: Beautiful geishas in traditional dress
The Big Buddha of Hyogo in Kobe, Japan

Cruise from Kobe

This prominent port may be famous for its succulent beef, but it’s also renowned as the gateway to the splendid sights of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. Kobe was once considered the cradle of Japanese art and culture during the 8th century.  Through Kobe, you can access Nara, home to the immense Todaiji Temple, which holds a bronze Buddha statue that is nearly 50 feet tall and weighs 500 tons!

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Photo: The Big Buddha of Hyogo in Kobe, Japan
Classic junket boat sails across Hong Kong Harbour - cruises form Hong Kong

Cruise from Hong Kong

Take in the spectacle of one of the world’s great travel destinations at dusk from the seat of a vintage double-decker tram. Journey to Tai O, “Hong Kong’s Little Venice,” for a look at a fishing village built atop stilts. Pay homage to the extraordinary bronze Tian Tan Buddha statue at the Po Lin Monastery; at 111-feet high, it’s the world’s largest outdoor Buddha and draws visitors from all over the world.

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Photo: Classic junket boat sails across Hong Kong Harbour
The Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbour

Cruise from Australia & New Zealand

Extend your Southeast Asia and Japan vacation with adventures in one of these unique home ports: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. From Aboriginal Dreamtime stories to New Zealand’s elaborate Māori tattoos, expansive cityscapes and breathtaking landscapes, each port possesses its own unique culture, lifestyle, excitement and charm.

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Photo: The Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbour