Three of the Best Tours to Juneau, Alaska, Points of Interest

Whales swimming against a beautiful Alaskan backdrop

Plan an Alaskan cruise and visit the state capital, Juneau, a city where aquatic adventure awaits by sea and air. You can only reach Juneau by boat or airplane, and many of its notable attractions exist beyond the accessibility of land travel. Here's a couple Juneau points of interest you can expect to see on an Alaskan cruise to the capital.

Whale Watching
You can't visit Alaska without heading out into the open ocean in search of some of the most magnificent creatures on Earth - whales! The waters surrounding Juneau are populated with these enormous aquatic mammals, ranging from the gentle humpback whales to the amazing orcas. Between April and November, you can barely cast off from port without seeing a group of humpback whales feeding and playing in the northern Inside Passage. Princess Cruises offers a variety of first-rate whale watching expeditions to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat.

Macaulay Salmon Hatchery
You can also find an assortment of Alaska's wild salmon at the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, a must-visit Juneau point of interest. Located just a few miles away from the city's downtown region, the hatchery is part of Douglas Island Pink and Chum, a private, non-profit entity that strives toward protecting and enhancing the local salmon population.

From June to October, these fish swim up a 450-foot water ladder to spawn in the hatchery. The baby fish spend the months from February to May developing and maturing from fry to smolt. By the time they have grown into adults, the hatchery releases all 114 million chum salmon smolt into the wild Alaskan waters.

Outdoor adventures
If you're looking to get out of the city and explore the untamed lands and waters around Juneau, there are a variety of outdoor adventures at your disposal. Consider a Juneau tour of its waterways by canoe, just like the original Native American populations did generations ago. You can also try your hand at sport fishing to land some salmon or other local fish or spend some time back on land experiencing the fun and thrills of traveling by dogsled.

Pristine wildernesses and stunning blue waters await when you book an Alaskan cruise to explore the land and sea around Juneau. Learn about the incredible adventures waiting for you when you book with Princess Cruises.