3 Alaska Fishing Trips That Include Fly Fishing

A couple enjoys fly fishing in Alaska

Planning an Alaska fishing trip this year? Make your trip unique and try fly fishing in Alaska. This sport, considered an angler's treat, will add some excitement to your Alaskan cruise vacation.

You can find some of the best fly fishing trip experiences during the summer months (approximately May–September), when you can catch rainbow trout, coho salmon (also called silver salmon), and other fish along the various rivers and streams. Many lodges, such as the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, act as fly fishing hubs for floatplanes and boats. But you don't necessarily have to go to a lodge to try fly fishing in Alaska. Check out a few of these cities for a truly unique travel experience.

Cast Your Line and Fish in the Capital

One of the best places to plan an Alaskan fly fishing trip is Juneau, Alaska's capital city. It has been a popular fishing excursion destination for years. You can catch all types of fish in the area, from cutthroat trout to coho salmon, as you cast your rod into any of Juneau's breathtaking streams. Most of the fishing areas in Juneau must be accessed by plane or boat, and you can book a fly-out excursion to board a floatplane to one of Juneau's beautiful fishing spots. While on this excursion, you also have a good chance of witnessing some of Juneau's amazing wildlife from the plane, such as brown and black bears, deer, and bald eagles.

Anchorage for Coho Salmon and Arctic Char

Fly fishing in Alaska has always been a popular sport, and if you plan to do it in Anchorage, you will have approximately 30 lakes to choose from. Anchorage and its many lakes become loaded with rainbow trout, coho salmon, and trophy king (Chinook) salmon, just in time for some fabulous summer fishing.

You'll also be able to catch Arctic char and Arctic grayling that are in abundance during the summer months. While you are there, learn some tips from other experienced fly fishing anglers who have caught some of the top fish with their artificial fly bait. Get ready for one of the most interesting fishing experiences you've ever had.

Chum Salmon and Trout in Fairbanks

If you decide to go on a fly fishing trip in Fairbanks, you'll be surrounded by gorgeous nature, stunning views, and colorful wildlife. Here you'll find that while fly fishing can be an exciting sport, it's also quite relaxing.

The Fairbanks area has several beautiful lakes to choose from to catch king and chum salmon, as well as trout. You'll be able to see the fish approach your bait because Fairbanks waters are extremely clear during the warmer months.

Alaska is home to some of the best fishing spots in the world, and it doesn't stop at fly fishing in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau. Other places to add to your "must-do" fishing list while cruising Alaska include Ketchikan, Skagway, and the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge.

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