Alaska Summer: 5 Reasons It's The Perfect Time to Cruise

Alaska's summer is a time of unending light the perfect time to visit on your next Alaskan cruise

You may have heard of Alaska referred to as the "land of the midnight sun." This spectacle of unending light is a sight you can witness on cruises during the Alaska summer. But that's only the beginning of why this season is the perfect time to experience Alaskan cruises. Here are five great reasons to cruise to Alaska during the summer months:

  1. Summer days last all night.

    The phenomenon of lasting summer days occurs because of Alaska's extreme latitude. During an Alaska summer, instead of rising and setting vertically, the sun travels more horizontally across the sky — resulting in long days and bright, persisting twilight.

  2. You'll experience the most extreme summer solstice.

    The height of Alaska summer, June 21, is accompanied by a full 24 hours of daylight in Alaska's northernmost community of Barrow. Closer to the southern coast, Anchorage experiences a total of 19 hours of daylight during the summer solstice. The long daylight hours continue for much of the summer, with peak light from late May to late July. In Alaska, you'll feel invigorated to take in all the sights — even if it's already 11 pm.

  3. The weather is perfect for sightseeing.

    Alaska's summer temperatures average between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, though this varies along the coast. That's quite warm for this area, considering winter temperatures can go below zero.

  4. The flora is incredibly lush.

    Moderate temperatures and unending light give Alaska's plant life the chance to flourish during Alaska's summer. Almost overnight, Alaska awakens, blossoming into a lush green landscape that juxtaposes rocky mountain peaks and glacier fields.

  5. There's plenty to do.

    The peak time for visitors to Alaska is between mid-June and mid-August. This is also when the days are longest, and, consequently, when the most shops, restaurants, and popular attractions are open. Because Alaska's tourism industry is seasonal, you'll have the widest variety of experiences to choose from if you visit in the summer. Take advantage of these bright and warm Alaskan days on your next Alaska cruise.

    With so much incredible beauty, an Alaska summer cruise will make memories that will last as long as the summer sun.