New Grounds Coffee Package

Terms & Conditions 2018 (For cards purchased for voyages prior to June 2018)

What is Included

  • The package includes the pre-purchase of a specified number of specialty coffees (numbers vary by itinerary) as well as complimentary brewed coffee and hot chocolate during the VOYAGE OF PURCHASE.
  • Guests may redeem the number of specialty coffees as noted on the coffee package card in locations where espresso is available. This will include select bar and dining areas and varies by ship and/or itinerary.
  • Each punch is good for one specialty coffee, regardless of the cost of the specialty coffee.
  • Selections and service are limited to that venue’s menu offerings and operating hours.

Package Details and Qualifications

  • The package may be pre-purchased up to 4 days prior to boarding the vessel.
  • The package is NOT available for pre-purchase within 3 days of sailing.
  • Coffee cards are valid until the expiration date printed on the card. If NO expiration date is printed on the card it is valid until August 31, 2019.
  • Unused punches may be used on subsequent voyages unless the card has expired.
  • Free brewed coffee is available only on the voyage of issue.
  • Coffee cards cannot be sold or otherwise transferred to any individual. Coffee package cards are only valid for use by the purchaser.

Exclusions and Limitations

  • Does NOT apply to bottled or ready to drink items such as canned coffee items etc.
  • CANNOT be redeemed when ordering Room Service or for Mini Bar items in cabin.

Terms and Conditions

  • Each card must display the date of purchase to be valid.
  • Cards without a date of purchase will have one added at the time of service by a crew member.
  • Cards that have been purchased from secondary sources, other than Princess Cruises, altered, tampered with, photocopied or are expired will be retained by the vessel at their sole discretion and are considered void.
  • Princess Cruises may modify, amend or update the terms and conditions of our beverage packages / offers at any time with or without notice to guests. The terms and conditions as published on on the date of sailing will apply.
  • Not all exclusions or limitations can be foreseen or published here and may exist or be implemented with or without notice.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice, and for vessels designated in a foreign currency (Australia as an example), packages purchased in advance may vary from onboard pricing due to timing and currency fluctuations. Guests will NOT incur additional charges, nor be issued any credits or refunds for such currency variances.
  • Unused punches have no cash value and are considered forfeit if the card is lost, stolen, irretrievably damaged or expired. The honoring of unused punches on future voyages is allowed up to the expiration date but may be discontinued at any time without notice or recourse.
  • By purchasing a coffee package card, you agree to these and all future terms and conditions.