Aomori, Japan

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The capital of the Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, Aomori derives much of its beauty from the apple orchards and cherry blossoms that encompass its landscape and the snow-covered Hakkoda Mountains that look on from a distance. Throughout its history, the city has been stricken with misfortune time and time again - in 1910, a fire destroyed Aomori, and during World War II, the city was left in ruins following an air raid - yet it always prevails.

Aomori is perhaps best known for its renowned Nebuta Festival, an elaborate yearly event in which participants illuminate giant paper representations of samurai warriors, animals, and popular cartoon characters while parading them through the streets.

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  • Hirosaki Castle Hirosaki Castle

    Sitting atop a stone wall, this 17th-century feudal castle features a tower with three elegant roofs, a moat and five gates, and is framed by over 2,500 enchanting cherry trees that blossom every spring.

  • Seiryuu-ji Temple (Grand Buddha) Seiryuu-ji Temple (Grand Buddha)

    The 'Blue-Green Dragon Temple', Seiryuu-ji was built in 1982, and features Japan's tallest sitting bronze Buddha, which is beautifully illuminated during the yearly Festival of Ten Thousand Lights.

  • Tsugaru-han Neputa-mura (Tsugaru Province Neputa Village) Tsugaru-han Neputa-mura (Tsugaru Province Neputa Village)

    Admire the extravagant Nebuta Festival parade floats and drums at this hands-on village, which boasts a charming Japanese garden, a crafts workshop and performances of traditional music.

  • Tachineputa no Yakata Tachineputa no Yakata

    At 'The Hall of Standing Neputa,' you'll have the chance to view three of the renowned Nebuta floats on display. Each stands about 22 meters tall and weighs around 17 tons.

  • Tsugaru Kanayama Kiln Tsugaru Kanayama Kiln

    Aomori is known for its copper-colored pottery, and here you'll find kilns, galleries and a variety of creations on display. A café and gardens also occupy the site.

  • Hakkoda Mountains Hakkoda Mountains

    This beautiful mountain range is made up of stratovolcanoes and lava domes. The scenery is a major draw for hikers, though skiers enjoy the heavy snowfall on the rolling slopes in winter.

  • Seibi-en (Japanese Garden) Seibi-en (Japanese Garden)

    An impressive garden with bridges, waterfalls and ponds, this century-old site also includes a gold-leafed mausoleum dedicated to the Seito family, who commissioned the spectacular garden.

  • Lake Towada Lake Towada

    Tucked inside Towada-Hachimantai National Park, this spectacular massive crater lake is a wonderland of nature surrounded by undulating hills of ancient forest, and water so translucent you can see 32 feet below the surface.


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