Lifou, New Caledonia

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The largest of the Loyalty Islands, Lifou lies some 118 miles to the northwest of New Caledonia. The island is an ancient makatea - a fossilized coral atoll raised high above sea level. Whalers were the first Westerners to visit this Melanesian paradise - though greedy traders lured by the island's aromatic sandalwood trees soon followed. Today's visitors are drawn attracted to the island's spectacular scenery, which ranges from dense tropical forest to dramatic cliffs towering above the crashing waves. Lifou's white-sand beaches are some of the finest to be found in the entire Pacific.

Lifou and the other Loyalty Islands are part of New Caledonia, which, like Tahiti, is an overseas province of France. The island is a center of traditional Melanesian culture.

Easo is an anchorage port. Guests transfer to shore via ship's tender.

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  • Jokin Cliffs Jokin Cliffs

    Endless layers of ancient compressed coral stone make up Jokin's towering cliffs. Once the island's barrier reef walls, they offer dazzling views of Lifou's clear aquamarine water, vibrant fish population and the occasional whale.

  • Luengoni Beach Luengoni Beach

    Melt over the soft, powdery white sand, shade-friendly beach trees and brilliant blue-green water of breathtaking Luengoni Beach, a genuine slice of paradise with incredible rocky coral formations standing knee-deep in the sea.

  • Vanilla Plantation Vanilla Plantation

    At Mucaweng Vanilla Plantation, which sits in a lush forest on Lifou's northern coast, learn how vanilla vines are harvested, sample vanilla-infused products and savor the scent of organic pods, which are available for purchase.

  • Hnathalo Hnathalo

    Marvel at St. Pierre Baptist Church, built by Catholic missionaries in 1883, and the Grand Case, New Caledonia's largest thatched chiefs' hut, and delight in customary Kanak song and dance in this traditional Melanesian village.

  • Notre Dame de Lourdes Chapel Notre Dame de Lourdes Chapel

    Perched high atop Lifou's northwestern coastal cliffs on the Easo Peninsula, this historic church was built by Catholic missionaries in 1898. After exploring the lovely chapel, soak up stunning views of Santal Bay's sparkling waters.

  • Jinek Beach Jinek Beach

    Snorkel and dive amongst brilliant tropical sea life in the crystal-clear waters of Jinek Bay, a serene spot whose amazing occupants include pearlscale angelfish, fire clownfish, purple acropora, parrot fish and bold Picassofish.

  • Vanilla House Vanilla House


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