Lombok, Indonesia

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The crystalline waters of the Lombok Strait separate the island of Lombok from its neighbor Bali. For experienced travelers, Lombok will seem a throwback to Bali's halcyon days - reminiscent, indeed, of that island some 30 years ago, before globalization brought a steady stream of development to its shores. Like its neighbor, Lombok is renowned for its traditional craft villages. Artisans produce the exquisite brocaded cloth called songket, elegant woodcarvings, and superb pottery made from local hillside clays. The island also possesses great natural beauty, from the dramatic rice terraces and plantations of the south to the tropical rain and cloud forests of the north. Lombok is home to Mt. Rinjani, Indonesia's second highest peak, a magnificent volcano soaring over 12,000 feet above sea level.

The Lombok Strait is part of the Wallace Line - a major eco-geographical boundary separating the flora and fauna of East Indonesia and Australia from West Indonesia. Many species found on Lombok, for example, are not found on neighboring Bali, just 20 miles away across the strait.

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  • Sekotong Village Sekotong Village

    This new and up-and-coming tourist destination is home to spectacular beach scenery, exotic sunsets and a majestic view of Mt. Rinjani, Lombok's highest peak, and Mt. Agung on Bali.

  • Lingsar Temple Lingsar Temple

    Built in 1714, this Hindu shrine also welcomes Buddhist and Muslim worshippers. Lingsar is famous for a pool of water in the Wektu Telu area, sacred to the deity Vishnu.

  • Majura Water Palace Majura Water Palace

    Once part of the Balinese kingdom's royal court, now a popular retreat for fishermen and families, Mayura Water Place is an example of the Balinese "bale kambang" (floating pavilion) architecture.

  • Craft Villages of Lombok Craft Villages of Lombok

    Lombok boasts several crafts villages, including Banyumulek where elegantly designed Earthenware is a favorite of connoisseurs, and Sesela, where island keepsakes are made from ketak wood and pearl.

  • Senggigi Beach Senggigi Beach

    Senggigi is Lombok's oldest and most famous resort area. Peaceful, dotted with white sandy beaches and challenging waves for surfers, the beach also promises a colorful adventure for snorkeling.

  • Sendang Gile Waterfall Sendang Gile Waterfall

    This 328 ft. high waterfall is located at the foot of Mt. Rinjani, in the Mt. Rinjani National Park, and is one of Lombok's most well-known tourist attractions. It is actually divided on three separate layers from bottom to top – Sendang Gila, Tiu Kelep, and Batara Lajang.

  • Mataram Mataram

    Located on the western side of the island of Lombok, it's in proximity to the main tourist stretch of Senggigi Beach. This capital city of the province of West Nusa Tenggara is the center of government, education, commerce, industry, and services. A favorite site to visit is the Mayura Garden, a water palace built in 1744.

  • Kuta Beach Kuta Beach

    Kuta is a village on the island of Lombok in the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara. Kuta is known for its beautiful beaches and is therefore one of the tourist attractions of Lombok.


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