Orongo Village & Ahu Akivi

IPC-205 | Easter Island, Chile | See Special Notes

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Tour at a Glance

You will visit:

  • Orongo Village Orongo Village
  • Ahu Akivi Ahu Akivi
  • Rano Kau Rano Kau

You will see:


Excursion Length:
Approx. 3 hours

Max. Group Size: 35

Tour Overview

Ever since Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen discovered Easter Island in 1722, this enchanted isle has fascinated voyagers and adventurers alike. During this three hour guided tour, you'll explore many of the island's most breathtaking man-made and natural spectacles. Remember to bring your camera and video recorder so you won't miss any of the spectacular sights.

Board your bus, sit back and relax as you make your way to your first photo stop, Rano Kau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Reaching a sky-scraping 1,063 feet, the crater of this extinct volcano is almost a mile across and is so large it can be seen from space. Although you won't find any stone statues known as moai here, you will find plenty of awe-inspiring images.

High on the rim of Rano Kau is the village of Orongo. Built in the 16th century to worship Makemake, the god of fertility, Orongo was the site of a punishing competition. Celebrated every spring, members of the birdman cult would gather on the cliff, scale down the crater's walls and dive into the shark-infested ocean waters. Then, they would swim to a nearby island in search of a special egg and return it unbroken. The winner would rule the island for a year.

Next on the itinerary is a visit to Ahu Huri a Urenga is a restored platform with one re-erected statue, displaying 4 hands, which makes it unique on Rapa Nui. There are also remains of an ancient sundial, enabling the ancestors to define the winter solstice, important date for agriculturers and fishermen.

The astonishing sights of Ahu Akivi are your final destination. Unlike the other 900 moai on this fantastic island, the seven stone giants situated here are not located on the coast but nine miles inland. Although they look out towards the ocean, they were originally erected to stand guard over a large village, which today lies in ruins. According to ancient legend, these 14-foot-tall moai represent the seven young explorers King Hotu Matu'a sent out into the watery wilderness to find new land for the island's people.

Following your adventure to remember, you'll enjoy an idyllic and relaxing drive back to your ship with stories to share with fellow passengers and friends.

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Special Notes


A $80 National Park entrance fee is included in the cost of the tour.

Guests who have purchased tickets for IPC-205 and who have also purchased tickets for IPC-100 will be able to purchase this tour at a reduced rate. Please see the tour office on board for details.

Participants must hike over uneven terrain. Vehicles are not air conditioned. Guides provide narration during site visits only. No narration is provided during travel time.

Child Price:

12 years and under only

Number of Steps/Walking Distance:

See detailed itinerary for information about walking distance

Wheelchair Accessibility:

See detailed itinerary for information about wheelchair accessibility

Camera/Video Restrictions:

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