Paua Bay Farm

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  • Akaroa Akaroa

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Approx. 2.5 hours

Max. Group Size: 20

Tour Overview

Take in spectacular panoramic views while listening to an informative commentary on the rural lifestyle of Paua Bay Farm, a typical New Zealand Hill country farm owned and operated by your hosts, Sue and Murray Johns. Enjoy a warm welcome and then get acquainted during an informative orientation that covers the history and development of an extensive property that has been in the family for five generations.

Paua Bay Farm, with a flock of 2,500 sheep, provides its fair share of wool and mutton plus a double dose of kiwi friendliness. Your moderate half-day tour of the farm is sure to be a highlight of your cruise.

Walk with a knowledgeable guide as you explore the expansive grounds from the sheep yards to the shearing shed and get acquainted with the hard-working sheep dogs that have been thoroughly trained to work by their handlers.

Marvel at the cunning way that the farmers partners with his dogs to tend the flock. Learn some time-honored commands like "cast" which prompts the dogs to gather the stock into a group, "hold" which tells them to keep the sheep where they are, "come-bye" which means go to the left of the stock, and "away to me" which means go to the right.

At a sheep shearing demonstration, you'll be introduced to a typical sheep farm occurrence that is as much an "event" as it is a task. Typically each adult sheep is shorn of its wool at least once a year, during all seasons, by skilled shearers and experienced woolclassers. Watch in awe as the ewes and rams are quickly shed of their heavy coats.

A sheep is caught by the shearer from the catching pen and taken to his "stand" on the shearing board. It is then shorn using a mechanical handpiece via one of several popular methods. A professional or "gun" shearer typically removes a fleece in two to three minutes, or less than two in elite competitive shearing.

Once the entire fleece has been removed from the sheep, the fleece is thrown, clean side down, on to a wool table by a shed hand (commonly known in New Zealand and Australia as a rouseabout or rousie).

The fleece is then skirted by one or more wool rollers to remove the sweat fribs and other less desirable parts of the fleece. The removed pieces largely consist of shorter, seeded, burry or dusty wool etc. which is still useful in the industry. As such they are placed in separate containers and sold along with fleece wool.

Upon completion of the demonstration, you'll have time to take a leisurely stroll through the garden with its mature trees and prolific bird life and join your hosts on the homestead veranda for tea or coffee and homemade scones. As you sip from a delicate china cup, look back on an action-packed day that gave you the chance to take part in separating the sheep, learning how wool is "classed" and be a "farmer for a day."

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