Wadi Rum Scenic Drive by 4wd

AQJ-110 | Aqaba (Petra), Jordan | See Special Notes

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  • Wadi Rum Wadi Rum

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Moderate Includes snack

Excursion Length:
Approx. 5 hours

Max. Group Size: 44

Tour Overview

A truly unforgettable day in the Arabian desert awaits, as you join your fellow passengers and knowledgeable guide for a motorcoach ride from Aqaba pier to the sprawling Wadi Rum desert, which is also known as The Valley of the Moon.

It is the largest 'wadi' (valley) in Jordan, and the name 'Rum', most likely comes from Aramaic origin, meaning 'elevated'.
Think of Arabia, and you immediately conjure up images of Bedouin tribes, caravans, spectacular desert scenery and the sand dunes shimmering in the scorching heat. On this five hour excursion you will get to experience all of that and more as you drive through picturesque landscapes, en route to this timeless and hauntingly beautiful valley.

Along the way, you will not fail to notice the dramatic way the massive mountains raise out of the rose-red desert sand. Some of the ridges are a thousand feet high, and are topped with domes worn smooth by the desert winds.

Wadi Rum has fascinated geologists for many years, and it's now widely thought that the region resulted from a great crack on the surface of the earth caused by the land shifting.

Throughout the region, there are rocks inscribed with Thamudic writings, and it is thought that the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Fresh-water springs made Wadi Rum a meeting center for caravans heading towards Syria and Palestine, and it was also the stunning backdrop used in the classic 1962 film, 'Lawrence of Arabia', starring Peter O'Tooleand and also the 2015 film "The Martian" staring Matt Damon..

The first part of your unique tour is by motorcoach, but on arrival at the desert you will transfer to a four wheel vehicle for a fun two hour drive through this amazing reserve.

During the excursion you will view the Seven Pillars of Wisdom Mountain, the stunning formation that T.E. Lawrence, used as the name of his philosophical memoir. Your guide will then point out the Desert Jebels and Inscriptions, awe-inspiring sandstone rock formations that rise from the Wadi floor. Some of them bear ancient inscriptions and rock art.

Your signature stop of the day will be at the Captain's Desert Camp, where you will receive a warm welcome, before enjoying traditional Arabic tea and delicacies served in a huge Bedouin tent furnished with brightly-woven Bedouin carpets.

After you have relaxed in the style of a traveling nomad, it will be time to head back to Aqaba, as you journey once more across this beautiful and mysterious desert.

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Special Notes


You will be in the open desert for approximately two hours, a head cover and a scarf recommended, as not all 4WD vehicles will have covers. A closed walking shoe to avoid the sand getting in and bring a bottle of water. List of Sites Seen During Tour - Seven Pillars of Wisdom Mountain, and the Desert Jebels and Inscriptions

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