Authentic Embera Indian Village

PA6-385 | Fuerte Amador, Panama (for Panama City) | See Special Notes

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You will visit:

  • Embera Indians Embera Indians

You will see:

  • Panama Canal Expansion Panama Canal Expansion
  • Panama Canal Expansion

Moderate Includes snack

Excursion Length:
Approx. 6.5 hours

Tour Overview

Board your air-conditioned transportation for a scenic drive to the magnificent Chagres National Park. Your guide will share the area's history and culture and discuss the lives of the native people who call this lush rainforest home.

When you arrive at the boat dock, your "boteros" will greet you and help you into a sturdy dugout canoe, a form of transportation that was crucial to the native settlers and the Spanish. Getting in and out does require a little dexterity, but plenty of hands are available to assist. A delightful one hour voyage through the lush rainforest scenery is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with your surroundings. Keep an eye out for the wildlife indigenous to the area; you may spot a toucan, a sloth, or even a playful monkey swinging through the trees.

When your canoe reaches the Embera Village, the Tribe Chief will come out to greet you. A traditional performance of song and dance welcomes you and immediately displays the warm and inviting nature of the Embera people. Please remember that you are visitors to their home and act with respect and reverence for their customs. The Embera people wear minimal clothing and the women do not cover their breasts.

Your guide will take a moment to share information about daily life in the Embera Village before you are free to explore the area independently. The villagers are very friendly and welcoming. They enjoy having their pictures taken and showing you around their homes. Interaction with them is encouraged and is a wonderful way to learn firsthand about their culture.

Make sure to browse the shopping area, where exquisite handmade goods are displayed and sold. Crafts, baskets, masks, and plates are made with the wood and plants found in the jungle. Lovingly created, these mementos will remind you of this adventure for years to come.

Before you depart, delight in a light meal of fresh fish and fried plantains provided by the Indians as well as additional snacks offered by your tour guides. Take a few last photographs with your new friends before re-boarding the canoe for a trip down the river to your waiting transportation. Return to the ship with wonderful memories from this life-changing experience.

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Special Notes


Wildlife sightings are not guaranteed. Embarking and disembarking dugout canoes requires dexterity and flexibility. The landing is a rudimentary put-in point with no handrails or steps. Reaching the village requires climbing an incline; a handrail is available and a guide assists passengers. The Embera people wear minimal clothing; women do not cover their breasts. The Embera have beautiful and unique handmade souvenirs for sale. Please bring small bills. Facilities throughout the tour are very basic, at the Embera Village only latrines are available. Tour duration may vary from 5.5 to 6 hours long during the months of February until May, due to low water levels of the river. An alternate Indian village may be used due to water levels.

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