Relics of World War II

LU1-105 | Luganville, Vanuatu | See Special Notes

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Tour at a Glance

You will visit:

  • BP Wharf BP Wharf

You will see:

  • Million Dollar Point Million Dollar Point


Excursion Length:
Approx. 3 hours

Max. Group Size: 36

Tour Overview

During World War II, 100,000 allied troops and support staff used Espiritu Santo as a military supply and support base, naval harbor, and 4 airfields. When the war ended in 1945, the U.S. forces abandoned the island and left their equipment behind. Discover this fascinating slice of history with a three-hour excursion that offers a look at some of the discarded relics scattered around this island paradise.

To make your excursion more enjoyable be sure to wear adequate sun protection, comfortable walking shoes and a hat. And don't forget to bring a camera to record each memorable sight.

First on your itinerary is the Japanese jail named for the surviving crew members of two Japanese torpedo boats sunk in the Coral Sea in 1942.

When the Americans first arrived in Luganville in 1942, no buildings existed to support the troops. During your next visit learn how military personnel were brought in to build facilities such as Pekoa, the original Bomber Two airfield which is now an international airport

Then, you're off to BP Wharf. Constructed to support the navy's large vessels, today, yachts and other marine craft anchor at the wharf.

Plenty of photo opportunities throughout your island tour including a stop at Euart's Memorial, named for a U.S. military hero who never even made it onto Santo's shores. In 1942, the troopship SS President Coolidge struck two U.S. mines while entering the harbor. The ship's commander ran the 654-foot-long ship aground so his men could safely escape. Over 5,300 safely made it off the ship including Elwood J. Euart, a captain in the American army. But when Euart learned that men were trapped inside the sinking ship, he ran back and rescued his fellow comrades. Sadly, he never made it back and he went down with the ship. A monument dedicated to his bravery sits on the shore near the sunken ship.

A military site that has been turned into one of the world's most popular dive sites is Million Dollar Point, named for the amount of money presumably spent on the thousands of tons of U.S. military equipment dumped in the ocean in 1945. Today, the coral-encrusted jeeps, bulldozers, tractors, forklifts, and cranes that litter the ocean floor are considered a mecca for divers and snorkelers.

At the conclusion of the tour you'll stop at Beachfront Resort, site of a WW2 small boat base, for a refreshing tropical drink - other drinks are available and AUD is accepted

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Special Notes


Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing suited to the day's conditions. Bring a hat and adequate sun protection.

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