St. Barths Scenic Island Drive

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Tour at a Glance

You will visit:
You will see:
  • Gustavia Gustavia
  • Shell Beach Shell Beach
  • St. Jean St. Jean


Excursion Length:
Approx. 1 hours

Tour Overview

For such a small island, there are plenty of big surprises. Roughly two miles wide and eleven miles long, St. Barths is home to colonial Swedish houses, long beaches covered in snow white sand, designer boutiques, luxury yachts, salt flats, succulent plants and cacti and so much more. During your one-hour tour, you'll experience just a sampling of what this island paradise has to offer so don't forget to bring your camera to capture all the splendid sights.

After boarding the air-conditioned mini-bus, just sit back and relax as your driver (who may be a direct descendant of one of the original French settlers) drives you through the winding streets of Gustavia, named for the Swedish king, Gustav III. You may be asking yourself how did an island that was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and settled by the French in 1648 decide to name its capital after a Swedish king? In 1758, King Louis XVI acquired the warehousing rights in Gothenburg, Sweden, the largest seaport in the Nordic countries, in exchange for this volcanic island that was difficult to farm and covered in night-blooming cactus. One of the first things you may notice along Gustavia's tree-lined streets is its eclectic mix of architecture: many modern buildings painted in the bright, crayon-box colors of the Caribbean sit comfortably next to two-story, Swedish colonial buildings. You'll continue through town and out along the winding roads and rolling hills that lead to St. Jean in the heart of St. Barths. Fringed with lovely, white sand beaches, turquoise water, and coral reefs, St. Jean is home to luxury hotels and sprawling villas. The next scenic sight you'll see is the salt pond area known as Salines. Once a swampland covered in salt, today, Salines is an unspoiled seaside escape famous for its nude beach and its pirate folklore. From the 16th to the 18th centuries, St. Barths was a convenient way station for French buccaneers who raided galleons along the Spanish Main. To this day, there are those who believe that the French pirate known as Monbars the Exterminator buried his treasure somewhere in the sands of Salines. But your hour's not over yet. Further on in the southeastern part of the island is the beautiful bay at Grand Fond. Often referred to as "la cte sauvage," here you'll see a beach decidedly different than the rest of the island: swimming is prohibited and spectacular shells cover the rugged coastline. The breathtaking vista includes two very different views: on one side you'll see the raging ocean waves crashing on the shore and on the other side are homes perched on the grassy hillsides.

After a scenic drive through some of the charming villages on the north coast you'll return to the pier in Gustavia.

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Travel time: 01:00 Transport type:Air Conditioned Mini Bus
Transport Capacity (Normal Use):8

Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Special Notes


The driver/guides in St. Barthlemy are all French-speaking and do not necessarily have a 100% command of English. There are no actual stops on this tour. Depending on the driver and traffic flow one or more photo stops may be made.

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12 & under reduced

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