Whale Shark Encounter

LAP-785 | La Paz, Mexico | See Special Notes

Min. age (years): 8 | Max. age (years): 75 | Max. weight: 265 lbs. | Medical restriction (See special notes)

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Strenuous Includes snack

Excursion Length:
Approx. 3 hours

Tour Overview

Once plentiful off the coast of Mexico, as well at the waters of the world's oceans, the whale sharks are now an endangered species and protected under international and Mexican law. This excursion gives you the wonderful opportunity to see these rare creatures up close in their natural environment. Before you leave on your incredible encounter be sure to wear a hat, sunscreen and a swimsuit under your clothes; your snorkel, mask and fins will be provided. And, most important, bring along a camera or video recorder to show everyone back home your unbelievable adventure with the world's largest fish.

A boat will pick you up at the pier and you'll cruise out into the calm waters of La Paz Bay. Once you arrive at your destination, your guide will provide excellent instruction and help you properly gear up in your equipment before heading out into the bay in search of whale sharks. From early winter until late spring whale sharks are quite common in these waters due to the rich supply of plankton, krill, and small fish, and every year they return to the bay of La Paz. Once a whale shark is spotted, you'll don your mask and enter the water near one of these gentle giants. Whale sharks are the world's largest species of fish and can reach lengths of nearly 40 feet and can weigh in as much as 79,000 pounds. Don't let its massive size fool you, a whale shark really doesn't pose any threat to humans but there are a few things to remember: don't try to ride a whale shark or grab it, that just may make it swim away; since whale sharks swim in schools of three to five that would mean that you could possibly scare all of them away. Let the animal come to you, just try to swim beside it and not make physical contact. When it realizes that you're not a threat then it will swim closer to you but give it plenty of room to maneuver. Remember, even though it swims slowly and gracefully, it's still a large animal living in the wild, giving the fish distance also provides you some safety, too.

At the end of this awesome experience you'll climb back aboard and relax with a refreshing snack. Then, you'll return to your ship in awe of one of nature's most amazing creations with stories to tell your family and friends.

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Special Notes


Each boat accommodates 10 guests divided into two groups of 5. Due to local regulations set by Mexican National Commission of Protected Natural Areas, time in the water will be limited to a maximum of 1 hour per group. While one group is in the water, the other group will remain on the boat. Please wear a swimsuit under dry clothes, biodegradable only sunblock, hat and sunglasses. You must be able swim to participate. Minimum age to participate is 8 years old and maximum age is 75 years old provided you are active and in good condition. Maximum weight allowed is 265 pounds. Snorkeling equipment including snorkel vest are provided and must be worn. Guests with recent surgeries, heart or respiratory problems and pregnant women will not be allowed to participate. Once participants join their tour, they will be required to complete a liability waiver.

Medical Restriction:

Guests with recent surgeries, heart or respiratory problems and pregnant women will not be allowed to participate.

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