Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge (Talkeetna)

Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge (Talkeetna)

Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge®
The native Alaskans called it Denali - ''The Great One'' - and you'll find towering Denali and the Alaska Range simply stunning. The lodge is located approximately one hour from the town of Talkeetna, which is nestled at the base of Denali and is also home to the Talkeetna, Chulitna & Susitna Rivers. Some residents say Talkeetna means "Where three rivers meet" but established in 1919 Talkeetna is now more known as the base camp for climbers preparing for their attempt to ascend Denali. The rail depot is in Talkeetna and several land excursion tours have convenient tour times that will coordinate with the Princess Rail schedule to avoid the unnecessary one hour transfer between the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge and Talkeetna for those guests arriving or departing by rail. Refer to each description for our recommendations as to how to book Talkeetna or lodge based tour options to maximize your stay at the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge.

Top things to do and see in Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge (Talkeetna): View Excursions

  • 1Denali

    The highest mountain in North America, Denali is also perhaps the coldest mountain in the world outside of Antarctica, a challenge for even the most experienced climbers.

  • 2Talkeetna

    Talkeetna was originally the site of a Tanaina Indian village, and was settled as a mining town in 1896. Today, this small distinctive community is probably the best location to view Denali.

  • 3Denali State Park

    Denali State Park covers 325,240 acres north of Anchorage and south of Denali National Park. It boasts a landscape that varies from meandering lowland streams to alpine tundra.

  • 4Rivers - Talkeetna, Susitna & Chulitna

    The Talkeetna and Chulitna Rivers join the Susitna River at Talkeetna, an Indian (Tanaina) word meaning ''river of plenty''. On these waterways, serene beauty and abundant wildlife abound.

  • 5Glaciers

    Glaciers cover one million acres, or one-sixth of Denali National Park. The most massive glaciers in the park drain snow and ice from the flanks of Denali.

  • 6Sled Dog Experience

    Experience provides an in-depth look at the world of dog mushing and the Iditarod, Alaska's great sled dog race, including the training, racing and breeding of these champion sled dogs.

  • 7Alaska Homesteading

    After the U.S. purchased Alaska, farmers, miners and wilderness pioneers began claiming land. Until 1986, homesteading remained a viable method of settling Alaska.

  • 8Gold Panning

    Just as the lure of gold brought the miners to Alaska over 100 years ago, it still does today. Learn how to pan for gold and how gold mining has progressed through the years.