Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico

Lying just below the Tropic of Cancer, Mazatlan boasts a superb year-round climate. Mazatlan, a name that means "Place of the Deer," sits on a peninsula at the feet of the rugged Sierra Madre, and the Cerro de Neveria - "Ice Box Hill" - divides the area's rocky Pacific beaches from the broad, white-sand beaches beloved by visitors. The climate, the beaches, and the world-class sportfishing have turned this commercial fishing port into one of the world's top resort destinations. Yet while visitors flock to the markets, bathe in the sun, or marvel at the airborne ballet of the famed Papantla dancers, Mazatlan remains one of Mexico's major Pacific ports - the city exports over 40 million pounds of shrimp every year.

Top things to do and see in Mazatlan, Mexico: View Excursions

  • 1Cathedral Basilica & Plaza Revolución

    Admire the Moorish and Gothic architecture at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, then head across the way to the popular Plaza Revolución with its charming gazebo and street vendors.

  • 2Teatro Angela Peralta

    The Italian-style theatre, a national landmark loving restored to its 19th-century splendor, is home to a concert hall, galleries, an art school and a highly regarded conservatory of music and dance.

  • 3Golden Zone

    The tourist zone, known as Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) boasts numerous four and five star hotels with private beaches, shops and restaurants, and palm-lined beaches.

  • 4Stone Island

    Stone Island is less crowded and not as developed as the mainland, a haven of sunshine and ocean, with glistening sand, crashing waves, and rustling palm trees and plentiful coconuts.

  • 5Pacifico Brewery

    Founded in 1900 by three German immigrants, Pacifico Brewery produces one of Mexico's finest premium brews.

  • 6High Divers

    High-flying divers perform acrobatic and dangerous plunges into rocky surf from a 59-foot high ledge.

  • 7Copala-Concordia

    In the lush Sierra Madre foothills, the twin colonial towns are reminiscent of yesteryear as artisans craft furniture and pottery, and cobblestones and colorful red roof tiles dot the streets.

  • 8Outdoor Adventure

    From hiking to sportfishing to ziplining through the treetops, Mazatlan offers exciting adventures outdoors to suit anyone's style.