Costa Maya (Mahahual), Mexico

Costa Maya (Mahahual), Mexico

The sleepy fishing village of Mahahual is your gateway to Costa Maya. Here in the dense tropical forest and mangrove thickets of the southern Yucatan flourished the great Mayan civilization. During the Classic Period (200 - 1000 B.C.), the Maya erected elaborate stone cities of stepped pyramids, plazas, and palaces. Keen astronomers, they also developed a sophisticated mathematics, a highly accurate calendar, and a complex system of writing. Then, this fascinating culture literally disappeared as the Maya deserted their city complexes for the jungle interior. Today, visitors to Costa Maya can explore the ruins of the once great cities of Kohunlich, Dzibanché, and Chacchoben.

Top things to do and see in Costa Maya (Mahahual), Mexico: View Excursions

  • 1Kohunlich Mayan Ruins

    The Temple of the Large Masks and the Plaza of the Acropolis bring 5th-century Maya to life in this multi-level city. Surrounded by lush jungle with giant cahoon palms, timeless wonder is all around.

  • 2Chacchoben Mayan Ruins

    Mayan for the "place of red corn," these astounding ruins south of Tulum date from the 4th century. Explore the circular paths, the three imposing pyramids, and ponder the mysterious hieroglyphics.

  • 3Dzibanche Mayan Ruins

    Explore Costa Maya's best kept secret from the Temple of the Owls and the Temple of the Captives to the landscaped grounds ringed by jungle. Along the way, seek clues into ancient Mayan society.

  • 4Mayan Cultural Experience

    See Costa Maya through the eyes of the Maya on a cultural immersion tour. Listen to the modern Maya language, learn about time-honored traditions, join in on a home-cooked meal and meet a local family.

  • 5Uvero Beach Club

    A visit to one of Costa Maya's most luxurious resorts lets you sunbathe on a sun lounger, relax in a hammock, take a swim in the ocean, play beach volleyball and enjoy the restaurants and bars.

  • 6Snorkeling & Diving

    The area is paradise for divers and snorkelers. Sea turtles glide through pristine waters, dolphins skim the waves, and vibrant coral and reef fishes thrive.

  • 7Outdoor Adventure

    Costa Maya offers something for everyone from an ocean of watersports, such as kayaking, to exploration of the region's ancient Mayan culture.

  • 8Beaches

    This area of the Yucatan is known for its pristine beaches. The town of Mahahual is situated along a lovely stretch of white sand and turquoise waters.