The largest of the British Leeward Islands, Antigua (pronounced an-tee-ga) boasts one of the Caribbean's most spectacular coastlines with secluded coves and sun drenched beaches. The island's rolling hills are dotted with stone sugar mills, relics from the bygone era when sugar was king. Historic Nelson's Dockyard, where Admiral Horatio Nelson quartered his fleet in 1784, attests to Antigua's long and colorful nautical history during colonial times. And St. John's, the island's bustling capital, offers visitors a wealth of boutiques, restaurants and pubs.

Top things to do and see in Antigua: View Excursions

  • 1Nelson's Dockyard

    Explore the finest example of a British naval yard in the Caribbean. Visit the museum, boutiques, and restored buildings that are part of the area's designated national park.

  • 2Shirley Heights

    Commanding views of English Harbor and Nelson's Dockyard can be found at this breathtaking photo stop and historical site, originally built as a signal station to alert troops of approaching ships.

  • 3Dow's Hill Interpretation Centre

    A multimedia presentation celebrates Antigua's colorful history from prehistoric days to the present. The grounds also contain historic ruins and a display of 18th-century artifacts collected from the island.

  • 4Fig Tree Drive

    This picturesque road winds through lush vegetation, rainforest foliage, and fruit groves. You'll see sugar mills and quaint churches, but don't expect to see figs: in Antiguan, the word means "bananas."

  • 5Stingray City

    Swim with the "Brightest Rays in the Caribbean" in a safe, aquatic adventure that is fun for the whole family. Calm, clear waters, knowledgeable instructors, and a pristine coral reef enhance your experience.

  • 6Beaches

    With 365 pristine white-sand beaches, Antigua boasts a beach for every day of the year. Tranquil turquoise waters beckon you to swim and snorkel while the sparkling shores invite you to relax in the sunshine.

  • 7Bird Island

    This islet three kilometers northeast of Antigua is smaller than most city parks. Early sailors were amazed by the number of birds nesting there.

  • 8Canopy Zipline Adventure

    The thrill of a zipline tour gives visitors a unique perspective of the amazing Antiguan rainforest as they climb across bridges and soar high above the rich flora that grow within.