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Encounters with Discovery at SEA

Discover the world with those who know it best

To give you a deeper understanding of the destinations you visit, Princess Cruises is inviting a variety of knowledgeable and fascinating individuals to share their experiences on board. The program is part of our Discovery at SEA partnership with Discovery™. And its enriching events feature regional destination specialists, as well as naturalists and experts in their fields. Whatever your interests, you’ll encounter fresh insights into our world and its cultures — and gain fresh perspectives that will help you come back new.

See the world through expert eyes

Nobody knows an area like an experienced traveler. Get the inside story from an Encounters destination expert who’ll share a perspective acquired from years of exploring the region. You’ll gain historical context, tips on seeking out local cuisine, and recommendations on the best ways to experience top tourist sites.

Destination Expert
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Enrich your appreciation of life

Explore the majestic secrets of "Jupiter – King of the Planets." Learn to harness "The Power of a Positive Image – Internally and Externally." Hop back to "The 50s – the Decade of Elvis, Hula Hoops and 3-D Movies." Whether your interests include astronomy, wellbeing or pop culture, our Encounters presenters are prepared to educate, inspire and entertain.

Gain insights into regional culture

What is it really like to live in the destinations you visit? There’s no better way to find out than to hear from one of our regionally based Discovery Encounters presenters. They’re uniquely qualified to share the rich indigenous history and details of daily life in the locale they’re proud to call home.

insights into culture
Naturalists in Alaska

Mother nature’s secrets revealed

From trekking the Alaska backcountry to diving into the wonder of Hawaii's deep sea reefs, our Encounters Naturalists draw on a rich collection of personal adventures to bring scientific knowledge to life. Their colorful tales will connect you directly with the natural world in inspiring new ways.