Spend a day in Moorea on a South Pacific cruise

Located in beautiful French Polynesia, Moorea is a tropical paradise just waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the incredible sights and sounds in store for you on a South Pacific cruise that calls in Moorea.

Belvedere Lookout
There's no better place on Moorea to enjoy blue skies and panoramic views of the entire island than Belvedere Lookout. Located atop a beautiful vantage point at the peak of Mt. Rotui, Belvedere Lookout offers travelers a 360-degree view of the tropical green valley below in addition to Opunohu Bay and Cook's Bay, which flank Mt. Rotui.

Another way to discover Moorea is by traveling along the island coastline and up to Belvedere Lookout, which also takes you past coffee plantations, pineapple fields and the ruins of an ancient Polynesian temple - referred to as "marae" locally.

Moorea Fruit Juice Factory
Located along the pristine shores of Cook's Bay, the Moorea Fruit Juice Factory is an island institution that has dedicated itself to quenching the local population's thirst for many years. Here, vacationers can sample an incredible assortment of fresh juices made from pineapples, coconuts, grapefruits, star fruit, ginger and papaya all harvested from crops around the island.

Tiki Village Theater
If you're looking to experience the arts and culture of Moorea, head over to the Tiki Village Theater. This cultural center allows guests to enjoy traditional dance performances in addition to touring a nearby pearl farm. You can also purchase a variety of authentic wood carvings, leis quilts, dyed cloths and vahine weavings from local artisans and craftsmen to take home as souvenirs.

Aquatic Adventures
The gentle ocean currents and beautiful blue waters surrounding Moorea make it the ideal destination for watersports and aquatic adventures. The tropical island features two incredible lagoons, where tourists and locals enjoy activities ranging from boating, jet skiing, paragliding, water skiing and scuba diving.

The waters around Moorea are also inhabited by a variety of colorful tropical fish and mammals. You can explore the local fish population by peering into the ocean from a glass-bottom boat or catamaran cruise. There's also the opportunity to feed sharks swimming off the coast. Stop by Moorea's Dolphin Center for the chance to join a marine biologist on the water to view the amazingly intelligent spinner and rough-tooth dolphin populations.

Moorea offers tourists a variety of cultural and natural attractions in addition to water activities and island tours. Learn more about booking an incredible South Pacific cruise vacation with Princess Cruises.

Mount Rotui at sunset, on the island of Moorea, French Polynesiaa
Mount Rotui at sunset, on the island of Moorea, French Polynesiaa