Historic Regions and Cultural Experiences Await on a Panama Cruise

by Marcia Frost

If you're dreaming of a Panama cruise, you'll love immersing yourself in the country's sights and sounds, as well as its cultural identity. Don't miss these historic regions on your next trip:

Panamá Viejo

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Panamá Viejo (Old Panama) marks the first European settlement on the Americas' Pacific Coast. There you can see historic ruins, take in the history of the Panama Canal, and enjoy the modern shopping the area has to offer. A scenic walking tour will bring you past the diverse architecture of Casco Viejo — Panama City's historic district.

Gatun Locks

The Gatun Locks are the first set of locks on the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal. They contain three lock chambers that are used to raise the ships over 85 feet above sea level, a site you won't want to miss. Take some time to tour the Gatun Visitor Center, where you can watch vessels of all sizes — and even grab a souvenir or two.

Panama Canal Railway

Built in 1855, the Panama Canal Railway was the first transcontinental railway in the world. Hop aboard and catch a real glimpse into the history of the Panama Canal as you travel in comfort through this unique rainforest setting. The railway offers a luxurious ride with air conditioning, tables, a bar, and open-air decks. You'll also enjoy full-length observation windows from which you can take in all of stunning Panama.

Aerial Tram

As you sail through the air above Soberanía National Park, you'll be making memories that last a lifetime. On a 20-minute ride through the forest canopy on a Panama rainforest aerial tram, you'll get a narrated tour of 50,000 acres of the rain forest, which contains over 500 species of birds, more than 100 different reptiles and amphibians, and an excess of 100 unique mammals. It's an amazing sight from high above.

The Panama Canal is alive with history and culture. On your next Panama Canal cruise, you'll walk in the footsteps of the engineers who forever changed the face of the world.

The Gatun Locks are found on the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal.
On a Panama Canal cruise, you can get an up-close look at the Gatun Locks.