The port of Sete offers access to famous French sites

Carcassonne, Sete, France
Carcassonne, Sete, France

The port of Sete, France, may not have a ton to offer travelers in and of itself, but it's this city's prime location, right on the Mediterranean Sea, that makes it such an attractive option. Once you disembark from your European cruise, you'll have the chance to visit Sete, which offers quick and easy access to a number of other French attractions.

If you're interested in medieval history, you'll definitely want to take this opportunity to visit the walled fortress of Carcassonne. Many European cities will allow you to explore a medieval castle, but they pale in comparison to this massive citadel, which is more like a functioning town than a single structure. Walk the ramparts and tour the massive towers while exploring the cobblestone streets, churches and more. Carcassonne is probably the best-preserved fortress in Europe that dates back to the Middle Ages, and has been recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are also modern conveniences located nearby the castle, and you can pick up a souvenir at one of the many boutiques or enjoy a nice French dinner at a local restaurant. 

If exploring a fortress doesn't sound like your thing, there are still plenty of other options surrounding Sete. Head to the beautiful medieval town of Montpelier for a day of exploring buildings from the Middle Ages. Of particular interest is the Cathedral St. Pierre and the Arc de Triomphe, one of several built across France.

What's a trip to France without a little wine? Sure, you can stop into nearly any restaurant for a sampling, but nothing really compares to touring the Château de Flaugergues, which features 40 acres of vineyards producing some of the tastiest wines on the planet. You'll be able to sample these delicious creations and possibly even take a bottle home for yourself.