The hunt is on in Inverness, Scotland

Inverness Castle, Scotland
Inverness Castle, Scotland

Amateur monster hunters should be sure to book an excursion when their European cruise stops in Inverness, Scotland, as the city is located not too far from the famous shores of Loch Ness.

Begin the search for Nessie with a trip to the ruins of Urquhart Castle. This fortress was once a critical stronghold for Scottish forces, as it oversaw a crucial road linking the coast and the surrounding highlands. Despite its eventual destruction, the ruins still offer travelers a glimpse of the once-impressive structure. Urquhart Castle's position on a hill overlooking Loch Ness also affords it one of the best views in the area, so those hoping to catch a glimpse of Nessie will have a great vantage point. In fact, local legend has it that if the monster does exist, it makes its home in the cave underneath the ruins.

Serious hunters can then take a cruise out onto the Loch in search of the fabled beast. Even if they don't end up having a run-in with Nessie, a cruise around the lake can be a relaxing and fun way to catch some sun and tour the beautiful area.

Yet Nessie is only one piece of the history in this area. Those interested in non-mythological legends should pay a visit to Culloden Moor, which features several informative plaques that will describe the many battles that took place here over the years.