Poll: European cruises offer great value right now

Couple on Deck
Couple on Deck

If you're planning on booking a cruise right now, the three most popular destinations are Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean. In an effort to find the tastes of the travelling populace, Cruise Holidays recently released its 2011 Cruise Trends report, which details what destinations people have been choosing lately.

The Caribbean tops the list as usual, but the real story is that European cruises have pulled ahead of Alaskan cruises in terms of booking numbers, though Alaska is still close. The poll, in which the publication surveyed roughly 145 cruise experts, might reveal why - as 75 percent of respondents said that Europe offers travelers better value right now.

Cruise prices have shrunk in general as a result of the economic downturn, but Europe has seen rates continue to plummet, especially in the Mediterranean region. Combine that with the fact that European cruises allow travelers to visit a number of famous cities in a short amount of time and it's easy to see why many are flocking to Europe right now.

Ultimately, which destination will provide the best experience depends on the preference of the traveler - but choosing between Alaska, Europe or the Caribbean isn't a bad dilemma to have at all.