Learn the history of Berlin, Germany

Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, Germany

There's no denying that if you're a history buff, booking a European cruise is one of the absolute best choices you can make. Seemingly every port of call is packed with historic buildings, wonderful museums, and famous landmarks. The city of Berlin, Germany, is one of the very best in this regard, and you'll be able to explore much of it after a quick bus ride from the port of Warnemunde.

Once in Berlin, you'll have a wide array of options when it comes to historical landmarks. One of the more popular options is visiting the former site of the Berlin Wall. You'll be able to view a surviving portion of the actual wall, as well as the world-famous Checkpoint Charlie. Continue on to view the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, which is the center of government for all of Germany.

The Berlin Wall is just one portion of this city's long history, but there are also many stops in Berlin that deal with World War II. You'll have the opportunity to visit both the Holocaust Memorial and Jewish Museum, which detail Germany's role in the war. This is a sobering shore excursion that is nonetheless illuminating and unforgettable.

Finally, those who want to head somewhere off the beaten path will have the chance to travel to Rostock, a city in northern Germany that many consider to be among the most beautiful in the country.