Inspiring destinations to visit while you're cruising through Greece

Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Acropolis in Athens, Greece

If you've always wanted to explore the Mediterranean region and immerse yourself in the local culture, what better way to do so than on a European cruise? By booking a Princess Cruise through the Mediterranean, you'll be able to see some of the most popular sites in the area and come home with plenty of stories to tell your friends.

Those with a particular interest in visiting Greece can easily do so on a Europe cruise while enjoying the luxuries of traveling on the high seas. There are many Princess cruises that travel through the region, stopping at historically-recognized sites for first-time visitors and returning tourists alike. Here are some of the most notable attractions in Greece that are worth checking out while you're on a Greek cruise.

The New Acropolis Museum

If you have an interest in history and art, The New Acropolis Museum is a must-visit while you're in Greece. This facility has approximately 14,000 square meters of exhibition space, showcasing some of Greece's most notable works of art, according to the museum's official website. There are also lectures that are hosted on certain days of the week for those who want to hear about Greece's culture from locals themselves. The New Acropolis Museum has something for everyone, whether you're visiting with kids on your Greek isles cruise or sailing with your spouse.

The Parthenon

One structure steeped in history that anyone new to Greece must visit is The Parthenon. This iconic architectural marvel has been around since approximately 432 B.C., according to Construction on the venue lasted decades, but when it was complete, The Parthenon became known as the awe-inspiring structure that it is today. Though it shows signs of age, visitors can view The Parthenon while traveling through Greece, making for the perfect photo opportunity.

Greece beaches

When tourists see photos of Greece from afar, they often take note of the beautiful, sunny weather and the country's lavish coastline. In addition to being known for its extensive history, Greece is also a hotspot for locals and visitors alike who want to soak up some sun. The country has many white sandy beaches worth checking out while your Princess Cruise is at port. Whether you want to snorkel or get a Greek-inspired tan, recommends visiting the beaches of Kathisma on the island of Lefkada, Elia on the island of Mykonos and Trahili on the island of Chio.