Experience the sacred site of Fatima in Portugal

Our Lady of Fatima Basilica
Our Lady of Fatima Basilica

One of the most breathtaking sights in all of Europe is undoubtedly Our Lady of Fatima Basilica, which is just a short ride from the port of Lisbon. If you're lucky enough to be setting sail on a Western European cruise, you'll have a chance to visit this renowned site.

In 1917, three shepherds reported that the Virgin Mary appeared to them in a vision. Since then, Fatima has become a popular pilgrimage spot, with thousands flocking to the site every day, hoping to also have a mystical experience.

One of the big draws of the area is the beauty of the Basilica, which features a 213-foot tower. It's possible to spend all day simply marveling at the beautiful architecture and droves of pilgrims, but there's also plenty of alternative activities scattered around the main area.

Those who book a trip to Fatima as part of an excursion will be able to tour the area on their own for several hours. In addition to the many churches around the main square, there are also several shops for travelers to purchase mementos at. Lunch will not be provided, but travelers can use this opportunity to grab a bite on their own at one of the many nearby restaurants.