Discover the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands, Denmark
Faroe Islands, Denmark

Some European cruise destinations are quite popular, and as such attract tourists from all over the world. Others are well-kept secrets - places you may not immediately recognize, but definitely won't forget after you've visited.

The Faroe Islands are firmly in the latter category. Technically a part of Denmark, this small archipelago is located in the North Atlantic, just north of Britain and west of Scandinavia. These islands may not be the best place to party, but for unforgettable scenery and quiet relaxation, there are few competitors in the world.

These islands are thought to have originally been discovered by Irish monks in the Middle Ages, although the chain was formally settled by seafaring vikings later on. Though there are modern conveniences located on the Faroe Islands today, the lands still maintain their remote nature.

The capital of Torshavn will be a good launching point for any number of adventures and excursions across the island chain. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to see Faroe's beautiful fjords and dazzling sea cliffs. Some of the villages that you'll be able to visit are home to less than 50 people - so you'll be able to appreciate the gorgeous scenery without distraction.