Delve into history on a majestic Northern European cruise of the British Isles

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

If you're looking to delve into a little history on your adventure, you might want to consider a Northern European cruise that spans the most awe-inspiring locations of the British Isles and France. Here are a few of the sites you can expect to visit on your European getaway.

Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey
The royal family is one of the greatest tourist draws in England, so you shouldn't miss your chance to explore the amazing destinations of Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Located in the heart of London and flanked by stalwart British royal guards, Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II and the English monarchy since 1837. You'll be captivated by its impressive architecture, and you might even catch a glimpse of the royal family roaming about the palace grounds.

Nearby is the beautiful Westminster Abbey, a large church constructed in the Gothic tradition. It was here that the famous royal weddings of Prince Charles and Princess Diana along with the more recent marriage of Prince William and Princess Catherine occurred.

Edinburgh Castle
The British Isles are loaded with historic castles, some of the most impressive of which are located toward the north in Scotland. Overlooking the city from its place on Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle has been a part of Edinburgh since it was constructed during the medieval age. It was here that many battles for Scottish independence were waged against the English crown, making the castle one of the most historic sites in Scotland.

On the northern shores of France lies the World War II battlefield of Normandy, where Allied forces landed during the 1944 D-Day invasion to free France from Nazi Germany's occupation. The beaches of Normandy still contain many of the concrete bunkers and entrenchments that the German soldiers used to repel the Allies, and you can honor fallen heroes at the Normandy American Cemetery nearby. Here you can walk among the lengthy rows or graves that mark these heroes final resting place while learning more about the incredible battle that turned the tide of World War II.

The quaint coastal town of Le Havre is also not far from the Normandy beaches. This scenic port can be your gateway to the metropolitan center of Paris.

History buffs who are ready to escape completely® on an European cruise can explore the best the British Isles have to offer on an unforgettable Princess Cruises vacation. Begin your journey today!