Cornwall offers an alternate view of England

Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Falmouth, Cornwall, England

You might have a preconceived notion of the parts of England that you'll see on your European cruise, and sights like Big Ben, Stonehenge and the Tower of London are certainly not to be missed. However, those who get the chance to disembark at one of the lesser-known ports in the UK should definitely take advantage of the opportunity, as there's so much more to England than the well-tread tourist sights.

A prime example of this is the port of Falmouth, which is your gateway to the region of Cornwall. You might assume that all British people are similar in their tastes and culture, but Cornwall stands in stark contrast to this. Up until about 250 years ago, Cornwall had its own language and distinct cultural identity. In recent years, a nationalist movement has caused many residents to learn the old Cornish language, with some even pushing for independence from the UK.

All of that means that the Cornwall region will likely expand your horizons when it comes to typical British culture. It also helps that Cornwall is simply a fascinating place to visit. Tucked away in the southwest corner of England, the absolutely gorgeous views afforded by many of the towns along the coast has led some residents to nickname the region the "Cornish Riviera." Be sure to visit fishing villages like Polperro and Tate St. Ives to truly experience this aspect of the region.

One famous landmark that you should make time for in Cornwall is Land's End. As evidenced by the name, this is literally where England comes to an end, as the peninsula is both the most southern and most western point in the country.

Another stop that may interest you is St. Michael's Mount, located on a rocky island connected by a bridge to the mainland. The attractions on this isle have been well-preserved since medieval times, allowing you to explore a magnificent 12th century castle, cathedral and more.