Tips for Cruising with Kids

Princess Pelicans Youth Program
Princess Pelicans Youth Program

Cruise vacations can be a blast for families looking to escape completely®, but a lot of that enjoyment hinges upon how the kids handle themselves on the open sea. You and your overly energetic little youngsters can have the time of your lives on a dream cruise. Whether you're embarking on a European cruise or a South American cruise tour, you can head off difficulties before they strike by keeping the following information and tips in mind while cruising with children ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

Get them involved
It may be about the journey, not the destination, but it helps to at least know where you're going when you're on a glamorous cruise vacation. Nobody likes being kept out of the loop, so make sure to share plenty of details about your trip with your kids or grandkids to keep them excited. Together you can talk about possible itineraries, trip schedules, fun activities, sights and cruise ship amenities to work out the perfect vacation together. Remember, this is a family vacation, so get the whole family involved!

Go over safety procedures
Once you have your cruise destination settled, you'll want to go into the practical aspects of the trip with your children. Proper safety precautions will be discussed by the crew once you're aboard the ship, but you can get your family ahead of the game by going over a few procedures beforehand. This involves more than just staying away from the sides of the ship too - kids need to be careful about interacting with strangers aboard the ship.

Watch what you eat
One of the best parts of any cruise is the mountain of delicious, top-notch food that's available just about 24/7. And while it's certainly great to indulge your taste buds, you should take stock of your children's dietary needs to prevent them from going overboard with their snacking. In particular, watch out for any dishes that may trigger food allergies. Once onboard, contact the Maitre d’Hotel to discuss any dietary restrictions and for assistance with menu selections suitable for your needs.

Be smart when you're ashore
While it's important to keep an eye on your little ones on board the ship, there really aren't many places for them to get lost. However, going ashore can be another thing entirely, especially if you're planning to do some extensive touring or sightseeing. Make sure everyone sticks together and that your kids know not to wander off or follow strangers away from your cruise party.

These safety tips from Princess Cruises will help keep you and your little ones safe on your next vacation.