This Year's Top Cruise Trends

Onboard group fitness
Onboard group fitness

Each of Princess' cruise ships has a unique personality, whether travelers are sailing to the Panama Canal or New Zealand. This year's latest cruising trends are leaning toward more shore excursions, environmentally friendly onboard renovations and new entertainment options catered to passengers of all ages. Here are a few of the hottest features vacationers may find this year.

10-day cruise options

A week simply isn't enough anymore, and more cruisers are booking longer trips to spend more time at a port destination, exploring historical sites and natural oddities. Numerous liners, including Princess Cruises, offer extended stay options for passengers who want to keep their feet on land for more than a day, providing hotel accommodations and long tours.

All aboard in Galveston, Texas

Travelers are setting their sights on Galveston, which has recently become a popular hub for passengers heading south on Caribbean cruises. This thin strip of land is a year-round destination for cruisers looking for a warm-up to their sun-filled vacation. With more than 32 miles of pristine white sand beaches, Galveston eagerly welcomes thousands of cruisers with charming promenades and numerous nature walks.

Going green, on and off the boat

Environmentally friendly tourism, also known as eco-tourism, is one of the hottest travel trends in recent years, and cruise ships are jumping on the green bandwagon by revamping interior spaces to reduce their carbon footprint. LED lighting, solar panels and recycled products are only some of the initiatives cruise liners have taken to save the planet.

Passengers can even take an eco-friendly hiking tour while on a Caribbean shore excursion on the island of Roatan, Honduras. During this nature walk, travelers will get to know numerous species of flora and fauna throughout the region.

Adult-only areas

Parents and children both can benefit from a cruise ship's adult-only areas, where moms and dads can enjoy a few moments alone while their kids take a yoga class or hang out at fun-filled kids' zones. Often situated in quieter areas of the ship, these reserved spaces feature plush lounges, private pools for singles to mingle and top-notch bar services.

The Sanctuary on Princess cruise ships cater to adults who want to breathe easy and experience full-body serenity. Couples can book a special massage that will rejuvenate their soul.

Customizing shore excursions

During a cruise, passengers have the freedom to create a totally unique vacation experience from start to finish. Whether travelers want to spend most of their time onboard enjoying dozens of convenient amenities or extend their stay in Italy on a Mediterranean cruise, Princess makes it fast and easy to ensure your getaway is one to remember.

Want to see every single Roman ruin in Italy? Passengers can book a shore excursion that hops to the Coliseum, Pantheon and Forum in a single day. If travelers want to spend more time touring sites like the Sistine Chapel, they can spend hours gazing up at Michelangelo's masterpiece.

Getting in shape

Along with eco-friendly tours, fitness-centric vacations are among the most trendy amenities available on cruise ships. These vessels are like floating gymnasiums, tracks and locker rooms all rolled into one.