The Royal Princess Is Set to Launch in June 2013 with Endless Amenities

Royal Princess at Sea
Royal Princess at Sea

If you've always wanted to take a European cruise vacation to explore the architectural marvels in London or you've dreamt of taking a trip to Greece on a Mediterranean cruise, there's no better way to do so than on a Princess Cruise. While on one of these vessels, you can ensure that you'll never miss an opportunity to indulge in exotic culture and cuisine.

One ship that is in the making is the Royal Princess. Set to launch in June 2013, this highly-anticipated cruise ship has all the works - luxurious dining, live entertainment and activities for the kids. If you're interested in a Europe cruise or you've always wanted to try a Caribbean cruise to relax in the Bahamas, there's no better way to get there than on the Royal Princess.

Royal Princess staterooms

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the Royal Princess is its staterooms, many of which have balconies that look out onto the ocean, meaning you'll never miss a sunset. If you book a suite with a balcony, you'll enjoy two 42-inch flat screen televisions, a separate tub and shower and marble flooring and countertops.


Dining on the Royal Princess is another key benefit of traveling on this vessel. There are both casual and private dining options, as well as restaurants offering various cuisines to satisfy your palette. Whether you're in the mood for Italian food or sushi, you won't have any trouble finding it on board the Royal Princess.


While you're at sea, you won't have any shortage of entertainment while traveling on the Royal Princess. There are four different lounges on the ship, all of which provide delicious cocktails and the perfect atmosphere to relax. Two theaters, Princess Live! and the Princess Theater, are also slated to be constructed on the vessel and will offer evenings full of live music, game shows and comedy. Princess Live! is designed as a TV studio where broadcast-ready events are on view for the audience.

Royal Princess highlights

Lounges, bars and restaurants are always welcome accommodations, but there is much more to the Royal Princess that will be exclusive to this Princess ship. The vessel will have an expanded atrium and dining area for those who want a quaint place to unwind. There is also a large top-deck pool where light and water shows will be held each evening, and a new feature - The SeaWalk. This is a glass walkway extended 28 feet beyond the ship for magnificant views of the ocean. The options are endless while you're on board this ship!